Hillary re-launch on Welfare Island, complete with ‘airport style security’

Presumptive Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will attempt to pump some fresh blood in to her presidential campaign on a New York landmark that was once known as Welfare Island. As reported by the right-of-center The American Thinker news portal on June 12, 2015, as well as Fox News on June 11, 2015, the campaign re-launch may be hitting a bit of a deaf note with the hoi polloi when they unveil their Hillary v2.0 presidential roll out on the East River’s Roosevelt Island scheduled for June 13, 2015.

Choosing a sliver of land between Manhattan and Brooklyn once officially named Welfare Island, Team Clinton is drawing some heat for what some see as being more-than-a-little heavy handed with the common folk as they seek to jump start a presidential bid that has many left-leaning citizens giving Sen. Bernie Sanders (I -Vermont) a second look. Home to 14,000 New Yorkers, Matthew Katz, the former president of the Roosevelt Island Residents Association slammed the Clinton organization for being “tone deaf” the residents, who’ve had to jump through logistical hoops when the Clinton event steamrolled over their long planned 18th annual Roosevelt Island Day.

As The New York Post noted earlier this month, “a specially planned event for tots called Imagination Playground — which features unique blue building blocks — has been canceled to accommodate the Democratic front-runner for president. Also at risk of major inconvenience: an annual celebration called Roosevelt Island Day, which features a blood drive, hot dog stands and free rides for kids.”

According to Flip Pidot, Republican strategist and CEO of American Civics Exchange, “I can’t think of an area in the five boroughs of New York City that’s harder to get to.” Fox News also cited that Roosevelt Island is “generally accessible by one bus line and one subway stop, which is six flights below street level. The only other ways to reach the two-mile-long island are by car on a small, double-lane bridge or the tram system from the Upper East Side that runs about every 10 minutes.”

With the very real possibility that the only other island within New York City that would be more of a bring down to get to would be the one named Rikers, Thomas Lifson of The American Thinker cites Daniel Halper of The Weekly Standard who printed an email sent out by Hillary For America: “There will be airport style security. Items that will NOT BE permitted include food, liquids other than water, large bags, large purses, backpacks, strollers, umbrellas, noise makers, bullhorns, posters, signs, pets other than licensed service animals, sharp objects, or weapons.”

Lifson added for emphasis in his report that when Hillary Clinton’s “personal safety is at issue, she demands advance registration and a ticket and photo ID.” Perhaps the exclamation point to his report, the reporter ensured he added that Mrs. Clinton is campaigning on the promise of if elected, she would never require photo identification at any of the nation’s polling places come election day.