Historic moment; Muslim leader avenges murdered Christians

Egyptian Christians stand with President al-Sisi against ISIS.

In what many Western and Middle Eastern Christians have been asking for years, especially since the rise of al-Qaeda and ISIS, a leader of a predominantly Muslim nation has militarily hammered the Islamic Jihadists specifically to avenge the murder of Christians. As reported by CNN and also by The New York Times, both on Feb. 16, 2015, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has authorized at least two different waves of Egyptian fighter-bomber aircraft to attack ISIS troop concentrations and facilities to avenge the tortuous execution of Christians of Egyptian citizenship.

With the civilized world still recoiling in horror at the ISIS terror group releasing a gruesome video of Libyan-based terrorists slowly carving the heads off of 12 of the 21 captured Egyptian Christian civiliansen masse, the Egyptian leader, himself a Muslim, has become the de facto leader of the anti-Islamist jihadists terrorists in North Africa. It’s feared the remaining hostages were also executed in like fashion. President el-Sisi warned the terrorists that “Egypt preserves the right to respond, with the appropriate manner and timing, in order to carry out retribution on those killers and criminals who are stripped of the most basic of human values.”

Reportedly, a number of the hostages cried out prayers as their final words. CNN cites that some of the orange-clad prisoners shouted “Oh, Jesus” and “Oh, God” as they were shoved to their knees prior to execution. President el-Sisi has ordered an official week of mourning in the Muslim majority country for the murdered Egyptian Christians. The nation’s leader has also called on other nations to join him in a coalition to fight ISIS in the region.

Egypt’s national solidarity with its Christian minority comes just days after Christian church bells in Jordan rung in honor of the Jordanian pilot killed by ISIS. Royal Jordanian Air Force pilot Lt. Mu’ath al-Kasasbeh was burned alive by the terrorists in territory they occupied in Iraq. Jordan’s King Abdullah responded by attacking ISIS targets in Iraq, reportedly destroying 20 percent of their vehicles and heavy weapons.

The Egyptian Ministry of Defense (MoD) issued a statement stating the dawn airstrikes were “retribution and response to the criminal acts of terrorist elements and organizations inside and outside the country.” The MoD also stated, “We stress that revenge for the blood of Egyptians, and retribution from the killers and criminals, is a right we must dutifully enforce.”

In a video televised to the nation, the MoD narrator said of the nation’s armed forces, “Honor, nation. This is the slogan of men who ask for death as a sacrifice for the nation. They are men who do not know the meaning of impossible. They penetrate rocks and mountains, and they challenge difficulties. They race each other for martyrdom, on land, sea and air. Their life is a heroic epic, and their martyrdom a sacrifice for dignity and a pride for Egypt.”

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