HIV, Ebola Warning: Chimpanzee Meat Sold in British Markets, Europe, USA

What’s being touted as “bush meat” is being sold not only in British market stalls, but is also “rife” not only in a number of European cities, but reportedly, also in the United States.

Reported by Britain’s The Telegraph;

Leading primate scientist Dr Ben Garrod has said he was told by customs officials just weeks ago that a ton of bush meat from West Africa had been confiscated on a flight bound for the US.

He said it was routinely smuggled into Europe and the UK – which could cause the spread of serious disease as the meat is unsanitary and chimpanzees are very genetically similar to humans.

The Sun also quoted Dr Garrod as stating that monkey meat “was regularly smuggled into the UK and mainland Europe and could cause the spread of serious diseases such as Ebola…”

As noted by London’s The Daily Star;

Sold as “bush meat”, the chimp flesh has found its way onto platters at weddings and Christenings, and is also sold as a luxury food at market stalls in the UK.

Diseases such as HIV can be transmitted from chimpanzees to humans because we are so genetically similar.

Dr Ben Garrod told the Telegraph that a ton of bush meat from West Africa was confiscated on a flight bound for the US in recent weeks.

“It’s rife, it’s in all major cities across Europe and the US,” the University of East Anglia professor said.

He added: “We have seen bush meat confiscated in the UK in checkpoints at borders and in markets.

“It’s often brought to the country for specific celebrations like a wedding or a Christening.”

Sounding an awful lot like the good doctor is ignoring reality in favor of political correctness, it was also noted;

“We aren’t targeting a cultural group but it is an illegal activity.”

The scientist then compared the health risk to the HIV pandemic in the 1980s.

He said: “The biggest worry for health authorities at the moment is that a disease that can be passed between humans and animals will be the next big pandemic.

“For example, HIV originally came from primates, we are so similar so the potential is there for various pathogens and viruses to be transmitted or mutate.”