Honduran Wannabe Illegals DEMAND Entry to US or $50,000 Each to Go Home

The vaunted mob of so-called caravan migrants currently sponging off the city of Tijuana might not yet qualify as Democrats, but they sure know how to act like them.

A prime example would be some 200-odd entitlement whores originating from Honduras who marched on the US Consulate in Tijuana to deliver a letter demanding of President Trump, among other things, that he will either allow the “migrants” entry to the United States or they be given $50,000 each to return home to Honduras, as reported by Breitbart.com.

The aggrieved Hondurans also demand of our president;

  • The immediate removal of all US security interests from Central America
  • The immediate removal of all US economic interests from Central America
  • The immediate removal of all 13 US military installations in Central America
  • The immediate removal of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez

But the blatant arrogance doesn’t end there. Also cited by Breitbart;

The letter is signed, “The Honduran Caravan Migrants,” and set a 72-hour time limit for a response.

Several demonstrators carried signs in English. Some read:

You got it wrong Trump, we asked for jobs you responded with weapons. If asking for work is troublesome than I’m totally confused.

Don’t close your door employers. One day you will need me then I will remember the rejection. Entrepreneurs don’t turn your back on us. You know we both are the backbone of society.