Honestly, are Democrats *really* this stupid?

Especially in the run-up to the mid-term elections, Democrats are lulling the party faithful into a state of extra stupid by drilling into them the mantra, “Trump only gave tax cuts to the rich… Trump only gave tax cuts to the rich…”

From Bernie to Beto, from San Francisco to Fire Island, those fibbin’ libs are purposefully lying to their constituents in regards to President Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

And for whatever bizarre reason, the Demo-drones are lapping it up.

For those folks, I have one reasonable question: Do you have the basic intelligence required to read and comprehend your tax information on your paystub? Of course, I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt by assuming they’re actually gainfully employed.

Nancy’s crumbs.

But good news. I know how to read and comprehend my tax info.

Without getting too deep into my private life, just on the tax cuts alone, President Trump’s signature ensured that I will keep at least keep $600 annually.

For those who’ll be filing Married filing jointly, the standard deduction was doubled to $24,000. Anyone who’s ever paid taxes know what that means.

It’s fairly obvious that someone pulling in a cool half-million a year could give a hoot in hell over a mere $24K as the standard deduction. But for folks like me who aren’t exactly rich, but not quite poor, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 has been a real financial windfall, regardless of what the Democrats say.

And if the rich should happen to benefit from the tax cuts… so what?

Think about it this way: If a million dollars fell out of the sky and landed in your lap, what would you do with it?

  • If you owned a business, you might give your workers a pay raise and/or bonuses. You may even invest in new equipment. All these things pump money into the economy, especially your local economy.
  • Maybe you’ll buy a new home, new car, new boat. Someone has to provide the raw materials, someone has to assemble the pieces, someone has to ship it from point A to point B, someone had to sell the finished product. All these things create jobs.
  • You could invest your money in stocks and bonds. Both are job creators.
  • Another option is to simply drop your money into a bank or a credit union. You may not make a lot of additional money from drawing interest, but the financial institution now has an awful lot of new capital for things like home loans, business loans, car loans. More jobs are created.
  • There’s also the chance that you may simply donate all your new found wealth to charity. A noble notion, indeed. But by its very nature, charities are fueled by the gathering and spending of money. Yes, charities also create jobs.

I was taught years ago to never say “It’s not fair that he has a million dollars.” Instead, ask yourself instead, “Did he make the million dollars fairly?”