House Democrat calls Gen. Kelly ‘extremist’ who is ‘militarizing the White House’

Babs and Barry are besties. (Twitter)
Babs and Barry are besties. (Twitter)

Say what you will about John Francis Kelly, but it’s a safe bet that any rational and objective person wouldn’t describe him as an “extremist”.

Patriotic, faithful, personally and morally courageous, yes… but never an extremist.

It’s also a reasonable expectation that the man who has spent the vast majority his lifetime defending the Constitution of the United States would ever seek to violate the same Constitution by being a willing participant in the militarization of our civilian-led government.

Nonetheless, a Democrat congresswoman representing the greater Oakland, California area has taken to social media to accuse the retired Marine General, former Secretary of Homeland Security, and recently announced incoming White House Chief-of-Staff of both in-fact being an extremist seeking to militarize the White House.

As reported by Derek Hunter of The Daily Caller;

President Donald Trump’s announcement that General John Kelly, currently secretary of Homeland Security, will be his new chief of staff was met with wide praise — but that reaction was not universal.

One Democratic member of Congress, California Rep. Barbara Lee, claimed Kelly’s appointment was evidence the President is “militarizing the White House.”

Lee, a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, called Kelly “an extremist” in a tweet Friday.

For his part, John Kelly initially joined the Marine Corps in 1970 for a two-year hitch, to use Old Corps terminology, rising from Buck Private to Buck Sergeant. After his Honorable Discharge, Kelly was commissioned in 1975 as a Marine Corps Second Lieutenant after completion of Officer Candidates School.

Prior to his retirement from active duty in 2016, Kelly held positions of command from Rifle Platoon Commander as a 2d Lt. to the Commanding Officer of Southern Command with the corresponding four stars signifying the rank of General.

By the way, there is no such rank as “Four Star General,” or “Full General”. The rank is simply “General”.

Far from being a REMF, just a few of General Kelly’s awards and decorations include;

  • Defense Distinguished Service Medal
  • Defense Superior Service Medal
  • Legion of Merit w/ 1 award star and Combat V (denoting personal valor)
  • Combat Action Ribbon
  • Navy Presidential Unit Citation

Rep. Rangel (D-NY) And Religious Leaders Discuss Health Care ReformFor her part, on her official Twitter page, Lee describes herself as a “Progressive Democrat proudly representing the CA-13 in Congress. Working to promote economic & racial justice, peace & human rights in the US & abroad”

Lee also has quite the long and storied history of colluding with hard-core Marxist and CPUSA (Communist Party USA) affiliated organizations, to include the heavily armed, openly racist and revolutionary Black Panther Party.

Is Cherry Jello asking too much?

Lee appearing at the "Making Trouble" rally along with Jello Biafra and a slew of other communist sympathizers.
Lee appearing at the “Making Trouble” rally along with Jello Biafra and a slew of other communist sympathizers.

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  1. Anyone could expect such a reaction from her! She has become accustomed to bho and his hijacking of the constitution! Most of the folks who were groveling at his feet were those so enamored of his charm and lies they could not see the traitor in him! Now our country has been handed to a man who has no compassion for those who were serving and did as little for Americans as possible! He is fighting the forces of hatred and anger every day because he became president and not Clinton who was one and the same as bho! Her remarks are total lack of truth and show re resentment at living by the rules of government managed by the best for all concerned! Not a surprise at all from someone so radical as to support black panther terrorist!

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