How a 7,000 strong mob defeated Mexico’s quarter-million man military

Well, the quarter-million number includes the 25,000 troops of the Mexican Marines (Fuerza de Infantería de Marina), but not tallied is the 11,000 with Mexico’s Federal Police (Policía Federal).

Please keep this in mind, it’s integral to the story.

But with all things considered equal, let’s just call Mexico’s armed personnel on their federal level at roughly 250,000.

Sausage-fest. Immigrants don’t carry the flag of the nation they’re leaving. But invading armies do.

By now, just about everyone is familiar with the 7,000 (and growing) Hondurans, among others, headed straight for the United States. Suffice it to say that they could give a damn less about our immigration laws.

In the meantime, President Trump has threatened not only Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala with future American foreign aid possibly being slashed, he’s also laid the blame directly at the feet of the Democrats, as he should.

For good measure, our President has also placed the USBP and the American armed forces on alert for the impending “National Emergency” when this mob eventually reaches the US border.

Unfortunately, the threat to cut-off the money spigot to the Central American nations previously mentioned hasn’t stopped the would-be lawbreakers.

President Trump recognizes just how impotent Mexico’s Federales and Army truly are. Both are notoriously corrupt. Hell, everyone knows it… especially the Mexican drug lords.

If you want to know why the Mexican federal government can’t stop this so-called “caravan,” it’s simple – they don’t want to.

As Los Angeles reporter Kate Linthicum as well as the Mexico Bureau Chief for BuzzFeed News, Karla Zabs, freelancer James Fredrick (all screaming liberals), and Stephanie Hamill of the Daily Caller (the lone conservative) have been citing on Twitter what’s REALLY going on in southern Mexico;

Sadly, the one organization in Mexico that could fix this mob problem hasn’t been called on. Namely, the Mexican Marines.

Mexico’s corps of Marines is one of the very few organizations in this beleaguered nation that has a real sense of patriotism, integrity and self-sacrifice.

In fact, when the city of Veracruz became the textbook definition of ineptitude in the face of drug cartel violence in 2011, it was decided to “temporarily” dump all 1,100 people employed by the Veracruz Police Department.

Who was called in to restore law and order? You guessed it… the Marines.

So again, if the Mexican federal government really wants to fix this problem, call in the Marines.

Mexican Marines take charge in Veracruz.