HRC’s problems with the WTC, the WSJ, and the USMC that the media’s ignoring

In what many on the right categorize and criticize as CNN confusing vetting with vendetta, both Eric Bradner and Sunlen Serfaty of CNN have reported on Nov. 8, 2015, that GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson has renewed “attacks on media scrutiny.” In a very public verbal donnybrook between the retired neurosurgeon and the Cable News Network that flared up late last week, the news network has been digging deep into Carson’s past.

While many Carson supporters have come down hard on certain media outlets such as CNN and the left-leaning for going back half a century ago to discredit his recollections of a violent childhood, the CNN reporters look on the coverage quite differently. As the co-reporters penned, Carson is engaged in “push back against journalists as he criticized recent scrutiny of his descriptions about his youth.”

As reported, Carson described the media of essentially being petty and vindictive; “‘you said this when you were in kindergarten.’ Give me a break. I mean, there’s so many important things that need to be talked about.” Also noting the perceived bias of the media, Fox News pundit Greg Gutfeld recently opined on the air (see video), of “the establishment media” being “hacks” and “lapdogs” of the left, particularly for the Democratic frontrunner, Hillary Clinton.

Perhaps proving the accusations the right has been leveling at the mainstream media, there have been a number of highly questionable quotes directly from Hillary Clinton that the likes of CNN and have given scant attention:

  • Fox News reported in 2008 that Clinton was less than truthful when describing her arrival in Bosnia as one fraught with danger, even claiming she ducked sniper fire. As reported, there never was any sniper fire. According to her traveling companion, the comedian Sinbad, the most dangerous part of the journey was “remembering where he was going to eat next.”
  • In the same report, it was also noted that Clinton claimed she was named after the first man to scale Mt. Everest, Sir Edmund Hillary. However, Clinton was born in 1946. Sir Edmund didn’t scale Everest and gain word-wide notoriety until 1953.
  • In the wake of the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Clinton claimed her daughter Chelsea was jogging around the World Trade Center when the Islamic jihadists struck the twin towers. revealed her child was actually four miles away, fast asleep at a friend’s apartment.
  • While the First Lady of Arkansas, Clinton turned a $1,000 investment in the futures market into a $100,000 payday. When questioned, Clinton claimed she learned about the futures market by reading the Wall Street Journal. However, as noted, at that time the WSJ didn’t cover the futures market. Meanwhile, the Journal of Economics and Finance concluded the odds of such a return happening to a novice were at best 1 in 31 trillion.
  • Clinton also claims to have once attempted to join Marine Corps in 1975. Yet as Jim Geraghty of the National Review pointed out in a 2007 editorial, “And kind of odd that with all of the attention on Hillary Clinton all through the years, all those interviews, all those profiles, it never was mentioned until she addressed a lunch on Capitol Hill honoring military women, huh?”