Hungarian newsie trips ‘refugee’; revealed he’s Islamic jihadist terrorist


Hungarian camerawoman Petra Laszlo is seeing many a wagging finger aimed directly at her from well-heeled pundits who wouldn’t know a real refugee from a bowl of kimchee. As it turns out, the Magyar media matron was caught on film giving a trip to an alleged refugee who was also seen on film trying to give Hungarian police the slip.

Despite Laszlo taking a pasting from the likes of Edward Fitzpatrick of the Providence Journal (Rhode Island) on Sept. 19, 2015, it turns out that the camerawoman’s efforts to assist local law enforcement has nabbed a known terrorist. But as reporter Osamah Golpy of the Kurdish-centric Rûdaw news agency (of Erbil, the capital of the autonomous Kurdistan Region of Iraq) on Sept. 20, 2015, the trippee in question is very far from being a destitute refugee seeking a better life on the backs of European taxpayers.

As Rhode Island’s Fitzpatrick penned, “When I first saw the video, I immediately focused on how disgraceful it was for the Hungarian camerawoman to trip a refugee who was carrying his son.” In fact, the video of the trip felt ’round the world did go viral, garnering millions of hits on a number of various social media. Unfortunately for Laszlo, the vast majority of the comments were of the same vein as Fitzpatrick’s.

Yet as Rûdaw’s Golpy uncovered, the supposed Syrian refugee, one Osama Abdul Mohsen, is actually a member of the al-Nusra terrorist organization. As seen on video, Mohsen had just broken apprehension from a Hungarian police officer and was in the process of illegally bolting into land of the Magyar Törzsek. It was then that Laszlo took matters into her own feet as Mohsen took a first degree face plant into the soil of her beloved Mother Hungary.

In the meantime, the patriotic Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) identified the mud-faced and shin-bruised Mohsen as a rather well known member of the radical and rather sanguine al-Nusra Front. As reported, “PYD alleged in its official media that Abdul Mohsen had fought alongside the Nusra Front before leaving Syria with his family in the spring of 2015.”

Not done yet, the PYD also accuses Mohsen was a key player of the violent suppression of Kurdish riots in the city of Qamishlo in 2004 following a soccer match were more than 50 Kurds were killed by the Syrian security forces. The PYD also said it was he that instigated the violence after the match. The pro-Kurdish group recently published a picture of Mohsen from his Facebook page before closing it down earlier this year where he identifies himself as a member of the al-Nusra Front, adding that he had fought the Kurds near the Syrian Kurd towns of Amudeh, Serekaniye and Afrin.