Hypocrites: What Democrats REFUSE Tell You About ‘Grab Them by the P—y’

Dear Democrats, he won. Get over it.

Now that Creepy Uncle Joe has his own tsunami of sexually inappropriate conduct accusations against him, allow me to say what total BS all this is.

Granted, Joe Biden is the very definition of “creeper”, but if his actions are so disturbing, then why did the accusers wait until now? Just like Herman Cain, just like Brett Kavanaugh, just like Donald Trump, the supposedly offended wait for a moment when they’ll get their Warholian 15-minutes of fame.

But I do love seeing Democrats eat their own.

Anyhow, back to the topic at hand. Damn near without fail, anytime anyone mentions the ex-vice president holding a hug just a beat beyond comfortable, or even his uber-weird habit of hair sniffing, Biden’s defenders invariably bring up President Trump’s 2005 interview with Billy Bush of Access Hollywood.

At the time, then-Citizen Trump who had no idea he was being recorded, was caught on a live-mic stating that some women in Hollywood have no problem allowing men to “Grab them by the p—y. You can do anything.”

Now this may come as a bit of a shock to Hillary and her cadre of soy boy beta-males, but there are three uncomfortable truths I’d like to pass on to them;

    1. Some women (not all, not even most), but some women are turned-on by being sexually pursued in an aggressive manner. I don’t know why, but that’s just how some of the Fairer Sex are.
    2. Some women (again, not all, not even most), but some women have no problem with using sex to their advantage. Say, for instance… someone with all the sex appeal of the likes of Harvey Weinstein just may be bedding wannabe starlets hand-over-fist simply because those same wannabe starlets have zero problem with giving their bodies to the likes of Weinstein, just as long as it further their careers in the film industry. To use a liberal talking point, don’t these women have the right to use their own bodies as they see fit?
    3. Then there are those women who simply find fame and power to be very, very sexy.

Not exactly the stereotypical leading man type himself, please keep in mind that it was former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger who paraphrase Napoleon Bonaparte, “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.”

Keep in mind that Kissinger parked his boots under the beds of actresses Jill St. John, Samantha Egger, Candace Bergen and Marlo Thomas.