ICYMI: Trump Inks MASSIVE Agricultural Deals with Japan and China

But, but, but… IMPEACHMENT!

Yeah, I realize that reading about frozen hogs and sacks of corn being shipped to East Asia isn’t exactly what any of us would call a titillating article. No shoot-’em-ups, no sex scandals.

While the current news cycle is dominated by the Democrats and their trusted lackeys in the leftie media all running around like their hair’s on fire, I believe it’s important for all of us average working-class Americans know that our President is, as usual, busting his ass to make life better for all of us average working-class Americans.

With PMSNBC and the Chicken Noodle News networks can’t stop pissing themselves over an impeachment that will never happen, real news is actually taking place.

Two examples;

  1. President Trump finalized a $7 billion sale of American agricultural products to Japan. As reported by Fox Business News, “Japan will open new markets to approximately $7 billion in U.S. agriculture products, including beef, pork, wheat, cheese, corn, wine and more.”
  2. According to The Standard newspaper of Hong Kong, the Beijing government has agreed to purchase “around 100,000 tons” of pork from the United States. That’s 200 MILLION pounds of swineflesh.

Just thought you’d like know.