Illegal aliens hurl stones at Border Patrol agents attempting to save pregnant woman

The Rio Grande Valley Section of the US Border Patrol reports that as USBP agents were attempting to rescue a pregnant women who was making an attempt to illegally enter the United States, the very same agents found themselves pelted with rocks.

As reported by Bob Price of;

Rio Grande Valley Sector agents observed a group of illegal immigrants climbing a tree to attempt to climb onto the Progreso Port of Entry bridge on Saturday. The agents observed two people on the bridge and a woman who appeared to be in distress at the base of the tree, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials.

Agents said the woman claimed to be pregnant and was suffering from back pain. As the agents started emergency medical treatment on the woman, one of the subjects began to throw rocks from the bridge.

The Weslaco Station agents quickly moved the woman to a safe location and continued taking care of her until a local ambulance arrived and transported her to a hospital where she will be evaluated and treated as necessary before being turned back over to Border Patrol agents for processing.

The attackers were not apprehended as they quickly fled back across the bridge into Mexico.

Attacking USBP agents isn’t exactly something new.

As seen below, KGTV of San Diego reported in 2015 of hundreds of Mexican nationals made a concerted effort to bait the USBP by throwing stones, then making mad dashes for the border, to then retreat back to the Mexican side.