Three amazing images from Philly that the media missed


Despite the media being completely in the tank for Hillary and the Democrats, there are certain images coming out of the Wells Fargo Center that can only be described as shocking. Even more shocking is the fact that the overwhelming majority of American news organizations are completely and totally ignoring such.

And Away We Go…

Initially is the photographic evidence that Bill Clinton has finally stopped worshiping his 2000px-Flag_of_Minnesota.svg_-13-e1469579698900crotch long enough to embrace Hinduism.

Word on the street is that the ex-president went through his conversion experience after delivering a $750,000 half-hour speech to a consortium of Indian businessmen preparing to launch a start-up company.  Designed to teach Mumbai call center representatives how to speak American-style English, but with the emphasis  on cultivating a convincing white trash accent.

As the story goes, Bubba took a quick detour to the Khajuraho Temple to see for himself what all the erotic hubbub was about. After regaining consciousness, Clinton supposedly kept muttering “You betrayed Shiva! You betrayed Shiva!” à la Indiana Jones.

‘Roid Rage…

Then came the moment the First Lady appeared onstage. With the Democrats never ending and almost neurotic obsession with making the Obamas look good, perhaps it’s no obama-smirk-cnnaccident that the blue background of the dais blends in almost perfectly with her blue dress.

From the nearly camouflaged background, it was somewhat difficult to make out the noticeable girth packed onto Michelle Obama’s already broad frame.

The pronounced heft to Mrs. Obama’s upper arms and shoulders clearly put on display her rathered bulked up body.

Clearly, Mrs. Obama has either been bench pressing Volkswagens or has been strapping on the feedbag more often than is mandated by her *ahem* husband’s USDA.

Bern Victim…

Then comes the 800 pound gorilla in the room. During the course of the DNC came the slow realization to even the most wild-eyed fanatical devotee of Bernie Sanders that the Green Mountain State senator is, in fact, just another tool.

Specifically, a corporate cool. Party Stooge also works. So does hypocrite and backstabber.

But that’s how socialism really works. When everything falls apart the guys on the top come out smelling like a rose. In the meantime, the followers shockingly find themselves  get screwed over and feeling that sharp pain right between the shoulder blades.