In the shadow of ObamaCare disaster, liberals take cheap shots at President Bush


The latest catchphrase bouncing around DC and the newsrooms of the Alphabet Networks is that this national embarrassment better known as ObamaCare is to go down in the annals of history as “Obama’s Bush-During-Katrina Moment.”

I’m not quite sure who I find more morally abhorrent, the Democrats and their propaganda stooges in the media who’ve managed to deflect attention away from Comrade Barry and his ineptitude while besmirching a president who left the White House five years ago; the mouth breathing Low Information Voters who lap up like thirsty dogs whatever CNN, The View and Pimp with a Limp tell them to suck down; or the wimpy Republicans who don’t have the ‘nads to set the record straight.

Speaking of setting the record straight, let’s put a few facts out there.

  1. Who’s responsible for both the long and short term impact of ObamaCare? I’ll give you a hint — his name rhymes with Barack Obama.
  2. Who was responsible for disaster preparedness in New Orleans prior to Hurricane Katrina? No, it wasn’t President George W. Bush… it was Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, both Democrats.

Then there’s this –

  1. Who had three years to prepare for the both the roll-out and the implementation of ObamaCare? Hint: He was born in Kenya.
  2. Who was given responsibility for Hurricane Katrina with less than 24-hours before land fall? Hint: He was born in the United States.

And then there’s this –

  1. Who gave incompetence and lying a bad name by knowing years in advance that millions of Americans would lose their health care insurance but still knowingly lied to them by promising otherwise? Hint: His first and middle name in English are “Blessed Beautiful.”
  2. Who took the heat from the media and Capitol Hill Democrats when Governor Blanco and Mayor Nagin handed off to FEMA your standard issue Bayou FUBAR? Hint: His first and middle name in English are “George Walker.”

A Real National Emergency…

I hate to be a Captain Bringdown, or as my Español-speaking amigos would say, Capitano Cínica, but mark my words, sports fans… by the time ObamaCare finishes running it’s course of ruining not only this nation’s economy but also untold number of lives, Barack Obama’s signature legislation will make Hurricane Katrina look like a mild case of flatus in a tornado.

Bet on it.