Iran: US Deploys Six B-52H Stratofortress Heavy Bombers to Diego Garcia

News is breaking that the US Air Force has sent six B-52s to the BIOT (British Indian Ocean Territory) air base of Diego Garcia. The British military base is also home to hundreds of US Marines who protect a forward deployed stockpile of American nuclear weapons.

As reported by Britain’s Daily Mail, the “BUFFs” are ready to hit Iran if they choose to do something stupid;

The Defense Department is sending six B-52 bombers to the Diego Garcia military base in the northern Indian Ocean as preparations for possible military action against Iran move forward.

Pentagon officials told CNN on Monday that the B-52 will be available for operations against the Islamic Republic if ordered into action, though the deployment does not signal a decision has been made about any attack plans.

The everything-aircraft news website The Aviationist is citing that the bombers originate from Louisiana’s Barksdale Air Force Base, just outside of Shreveport.

In spite of the B-52 originally designed in the late 1940s, the H variant is so reliable and sturdy, the US Air Force fully intends to stick with the BUFF until mid-century;

Updated with modern technology, the B-52 is capable of delivering the full complement of joint developed weapons and will continue into the 21st century as an important element of our nation’s defenses. The Air Force currently expects to operate B-52s through 2050.