‘Irish’ family busted for sending Islamic jihadists €40,000

Despite mental images of a no-longer-existent Ireland that was once a bulwark of Catholicism, the Emerald Isle has become the crown jewel of secularist post-modern and post-Christian Europe. Thanks a lot, Vatican II.

Anyhow, to prove how tolerant and progressive today’s Hibernians are, Islam has become the fastest growing religious belief in Ireland, according to IBT (International Business Times).

With Protestantism at five percent of the republic’s total population, Islam is expected to overtake the Church of Ireland (Anglicans), Presbyterians and Methodists by 2043.

With the rise of Islam in Ireland also comes complete with a certain number of Muslims who adhere to the notion of militant Islamic jihad.

Case in point: Ireland’s national police, the Garda, having just arrested a so-called “Irish” family on charges of suspicion of financing a terrorist organization. Specifically, sending over €40,000 ($45,600 in real money) to ISIS.

But the Gaelic bona fides of this Irish-Muslim family are questionable, especially in light they’re not really Irish, but hail from an unnamed nation from somewhere in “Central Asia,” as reported by The Irish Sun.

Also reported;

Cops believe the relatives — three women and a man — have spent the last three years wiring cash to the world’s most dangerous ­terrorist group.

Although they’re originally from Central Asia, they have been living in Ireland for a number of years.

They were arrested yesterday after officers swooped on six properties across Dublin.

It’s alleged they were sending cash through electronic transfers to help fund IS fighters operating in war-torn Syria and in other areas of the Middle East.

Officers are probing if the family are Islamic militant sympathisers.