Is the Commandant of the Marine Corps a SJW Millennial Wannabe or just an Ageing Snowflake?

General David H. Berger was somewhat recently named as the 38th Commandant of the Marine Corps. If he purposefully sought to place the Marine Corps on the cutting edge of social engineering as to fundamentally transform America’s Corps of Marines into a Corps of homophile, gender-free castrati, he’s well on his way.

Example, despite the overtly military sounding name, the civilian-owned is reporting that in his mad dash to place women in ground combat units, Berger is even floating the idea of allowing women ex-officers back into the Marine Corps who have served their time and honorably left for civilian life… that is, if they agree to lead infantry companies. Never mind that no women Marines ON ACTIVE DUTY are rushing to assume some of the most mentally and physically taxing billets in the entire Marine Corps;

The Marine Corps’ top general wants to see more female officers leading infantry battalions and will consider bringing back women who’ve left active duty if they’re willing to serve in ground-combat jobs that were once open only to men.

Commandant Gen. David Berger said Friday that he wants to see more active-duty female company-grade officers volunteering to attend the Infantry Officer Course and assigned to infantry battalions if they complete it. The course, known to be one of the service’s most grueling, prepares officers to lead grunts in combat.

Berger also wants officials to “determine feasibility of identifying and recruiting for return to active duty selected female Marines” to fill jobs that were previously closed to women. The Marine Corps has had a hard time getting female volunteers for some of those military occupational specialties.

Even though two women completed the Infantry Officer Course, neither was leading infantry platoons as of June, Marine Corps Times reported last year.

The article continued with;

Berger called the moves “some of my most important matters for immediate execution.”

The general did not elaborate on the drive to get women into ground-combat units, but female Marines have been slow to move into those roles since they opened to women in 2016.

But wait, there’s more. The same article notes (emphasis mine) that Berger is mulling “a possible move toward year-long paid maternity leave policies for new moms…”

If this completely moronic proposal isn’t absurd enough, Berger has “updated parental leave for same-sex adoptive parents.”

Keep in mind, when any given unit deploys, X amount of Marines are allotted to that same unit to complete whatever mission they’re assigned. Ground combat, aviation, support groups… doesn’t matter. If, say, 32 Marines are assigned any given platoon, shop, or office… and four women are pregnant/adopting and three “same-sex” individuals are adopting a child, seven of those 32 Marines are staying stateside, drawing full-pay, not once reporting for duty, still considered on active duty.

Now, 25 Marines have to do the job of 32. Yeah, that’s really watching out for the welfare of your hardworking, dedicated troops, huh, General Berger?

If the aforementioned points aren’t disconcerting enough, just take a gander at Berger’s “THE 38TH COMMANDANT’S INTENT”.

Within the section Command and Leadership, Berger makes clear that within the US Marine Corps is, “no place for those who are intolerant of their fellow Marines’ gender or sexual orientation…”

Allow me to notify the general that thousands upon thousands of Marines and their families adhere to the Judeo-Christian teachings that active homosexuality is not only sinful, but also a “grave moral disorder.” Sorry, general. Your demand for “tolerance” includes at least a certain degree of acceptance, and that is completely unacceptable to any Marine who takes their faith seriously.

Where are the rights of the vast majority of your Marines? I can’t help but get the distinct impression that this particular Commandant fully expects his Marines to abandon their collective religious beliefs and instead adhere to the Gospel According to Berger.

The author, Kevin Whiteman, is a retired Marine Corps Master Sergeant, a Fourth Degree member of the Knights of Columbus, a member of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, and attends the Extraordinary Form of the Mass (Traditional Latin Mass) only. Kevin is also husband to Natalie, a long standing member of The Daughters of the Confederacy.