ISIS beheads boy for listening to pop music, shoots two more for missing prayers

ISISThe Islamic jihadists of the ISIS terrorist group have made a point of savagely executing helpless victims, often while video cameras capture the moment. After being tried in a Shari’a compliant Islamic court of law, defendants have been sentenced to death for a myriad of crimes: Being Christian; fighting against them; being raped; being an American, Briton, Japanese, etc.

As reported by the Siasat Daily of Hyderabad, India, and also by the Dhaka Tribune of Dhaka, Bangladesh, both on Feb. 20, 2016, 15-year-old boy Ayham Hussein was publicly beheaded in the ISIS occupied Iraqi city of Mosul. According to local reports, the boy was initially arrested by an ISIS militia patrol after he was caught listening to “Western” pop music while he was tending to his father’s grocery store.

Young Ayham isn’t the only one to be put to death recently by the rather sanguine jihadists. As cited by the Dhaka Tribune, the ARA News Service of Kurdistan reports that ISIS has also executed two men after being found guilty of missing mandatory Friday prayers.

As reported, the guilty duo were shot dead outside the offended mosque last Sunday. It’s also reached the West that prior to the execution, a member of the Sharia Court read a statement vowing that the same punishment would be meted out to anyone else who misses the prescribed prayer time.