ISIS death threat against Geller; ‘Draw Mohammed’ winner Bosch Fawstin in hiding

Born and raised in the Bronx by his Albanian Muslim parents, blond haired and fair skinned Bosch Fawstin has since left the belief system of his family, and actually has become quite a critic of not only Islam, but also of the more sanguine followers of Mohammed. Fawstin has even gone as far as winning a total of $12,500 as well as being proclaimed as the recipient of the “People’s Choice Award” for his cartoon depiction of Mohammed.

Yet for his none-too flattering depiction of the 7th century warlord, the cartoonist has been forced into hiding for fear of his life as reported by Nathan Koppel of The Wall Street Journal on May 5, 2015. And Fawstin isn’t the only one associated with the Garland, Texas “Draw Mohammed Contest” who has drawn the ire of the ISIS Islamic Jihadist terror network. Pamela Geller, the current president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) was specifically cited by the terrorists as someone designated for “slaughter” at the hands of ISIS “Lions” as reported by the PJ Media news portal also on May 5, 2015. A practicing Jew, Geller co-founded AFDI in 2010 with Robert Spencer, a convert from Judaism to Catholicism.

For his part, Fawstin was previously best known for his comic book “Pigman” which features a superhero who battles both “pigotry” and his arch nemesis, SuperJihad. When the artist was queried as to why he would even delve into biting satire of the Muslim founder, “I do it because we have been told we can’t. I’m not just provoking people for the hell of it.…Provocation is freedom of speech—it’s not separate from it.” The cartoonist was purposefully vague concerning his whereabouts, saying only that he lives “somewhere in the U.S.” Declining to publicly give his age, Fawstin plainly stated, “I don’t want to say where. There are Muslims out there who want to kill me.”

Regarding Geller, the ISIS terrorists have issued a “official operations bulletin” as well as taking to the airwaves on their Middle Eastern radio station Al-Bayan, where they claimed responsibility for the attack on the “derisive cartoons” contest by Phoenix apartment-mates and reported ISIS-sympathizers Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi. Specifically, ISIS has taken to social media to post online:

The attack by the Islamic State in America is only the beginning of our efforts to establish a wiliyah [province] in the heart of our enemy. Our aim was the khanzeer Pamela Geller and to show her that we don’t care what land she hides in or what sky shields her; we will send all our Lions to achieve her slaughter.

This will heal the hearts of our brothers and disperse the ones behind her. To those who protect her: this will be your only warning of housing this woman and her circus show. Everyone who houses her events, gives her a platform to spill her filth are legitimate targets. We have been watching closely who was present at this event and the shooter of our brothers. We knew that the target was protected. Our intention was to show how easy we give our lives for the Sake of Allah.

Both of the would-be martyrs were armed with AK-47s and donning body armor when they attempted to attack the Garland contest. Simpson and Soofi were quickly dispatched by a traffic cop armed only with a pistol, giving a whole new meaning to the Lone Star State’s anti-litter slogan “Don’t Mess with Texas”.

However, an unarmed Garland School District security guard was wounded in the leg when the terrorists initially opened fire. The guard has since been treated and released from a local hospital.

Besides ISIS, Geller has also been the target of more than a few allegedly conservative pundits. As opined by Carol Brown of the right-leaning American Thinker website, the likes of Fox News’s Martha McCallum, as well as Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League. Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly did engage in a verbal Donnybrook with fellow Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly (see video). O’Reilly stated on the air, “It’s always cause and effect… This is what happens when you light the fuse, you get violence.” Kelly fired back, telling O’Reilly he sounds like he’s “attacking the event itself.”

When O’Reilly said he’d protest Islamic jihadis “another way,” Kelly quickly shot back, “You know what else the jihadis don’t like? They hate Jews. Should we get rid of all Jews? That’s the path we’re gonna go down if we stop catering to the jihadis. There’s no satisfying them, there’s no making them happy. You can’t ‘not do things’ because the jihadis are going to be upset.”

Brown also noted that New York Times reporter Rukmini Callimachi sent out the following tweet regarding Geller’s Texas event: “Free speech aside, why would anyone do something as provocative as hosting a ‘Mohammed Drawing Contest’?” With no small amount of sarcasm inserted, Fox News pundit Greg Gutfeld aired his take:

Times reporter Rukmini Callimachi tweets, ‘Free speech aside, why would anyone do something as provocative as hosting a Muhammad drawing contest’? Well, the answer is in the question and you expect a reporter whose beat is Islamic extremism would get it. The First Amendment means zilch if it only protects ‘hello’ and have a ‘nice day.’ Protecting safe speech is like protecting an empty safe. And also, when you begin your take on free speech with, ‘free speech aside,’ you kind of lose the point. But hey, maybe they were asking for it.