ISIS, Jihaadis celebrate Paris slaughter

Laughingly sent via Twitter, “he he what protection when these fools rediculed islam.”

More Moslems celebrate the Paris Massacre. Not Catholics, not Jews, not Baptists, not Hindus … Moslems.

Within hours of a military assault-style attack on what tactically is known as a “soft target,” both ISIS and supporters of Islamic Jihad have openly celebrated the massacre of French journalists, satirists, staff personnel, and two Paris police officers today. As reported by theAssociated Press via The Buffalo (NY) News on Jan. 7, 2015, three well-trained and well-equipped Islamic Jihaadis stormed the offices of the Paris-based Charlie Hebdo publication and killed at least 12 innocent people and severely wounded four.

The ISIS terrorist organization (also known as ISIL or simply IS) and their supporters on social media are celebrating the killings in Paris due to their anger at the publication for lampooning Mohammed, who founded of Islam 1,600 years ago. As reported by Great Britain’s The Telegraph, ISIS threatened the Gallic Republic on Sept. 22, 2014. The terrorists vowed “to kill ‘spiteful and filthy French’ in retaliation for air strikes …” As cited by multiple reports, the terrorists in Paris conducted the assault with military precision, as well as being equipped with Kalashnikov automatic rifles as well as a rocket launcher.

With the terrorists in Paris shouting “Allahu Akbar!” (Arabic for “God is great) as they opened fire, word is bubbling to the surface by way of the Washington Times that there was also the cry of “The prophet has been avenged!” during the slaughter. Charlie Hebdo has a history aiming biting satire at just about anything and everything ranging from politics to religion, with Catholicism, Judaism and Islam all facing often racy caricatures.

Pro-terrorist supporters have taken to social media to celebrate and defend the killings. As the right-of-center news portal The Gateway Pundit cited, ISIS, the al-Nusra terrorists, and other supporters of global jihad have taken to Twitter to hail the Paris massacre as “The Blessed Operation on Charlie.” As the news site posted today, one individual who goes by the Twitter handle of @AbuHeadshot penned, “May Allah swt reward our brothers in France who are real men, fear & love Allah swt, who have gheera and took revenge for the Ummah.”

Other pro-massacre messages of support include;

  • @Dutch_Mujaahid – Sh. Al-Awlaki “Insulting the Prophet is like the one who looks up at the sun & spits at it: the spit falls back on his face.”
  • @abounaseeha – Not only Islam was mocked but also Christianity was mocked. I wonder if the Christians are brave enough to defend their religion……
  • @abuabdu387 – 1 person or pigs killed by unknowns in France during the attack de newapaper wich made fun of prophet muhammad pboh
  • @islamicstae1_fb – هذا ما يحدث لك عندما كنت العبث مع الإسلام (Roughly translated as “This is what happens to you when you mess with Islam.” Attached was a photo of the apparently wounded French policeman laying on the pavement the split second before he was executed by one of the gunmen.)