ISIS surrounding of Baghdad almost complete, six miles from outskirts of city

The McClatchy News Service via the Miami (of Florida) Herald is reporting on June 24, 2014 that the terrorist army of ISIS is close to a total encirclement of the Iraqi national capital. Also cited is that the forces fighting against government forces are as close as six miles from Baghdad.

To further the military complications for the soldiers of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki who are fighting to keep the city from falling, the government troops are making a stand sixty miles north of Baghdad at the sprawling military installation formerly known as Camp Anaconda. Britain’s International Business Times is reporting on June 25, 2014 that Joint Base Balad (formerly known as al-Bakr Air Base) is surrounded on three sides by ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) fighters who are hammering away at Iraqi Army forces in the beleaguered former American Air Force base. Reportedly, the base is facing continuous mortar barrages from the al-Qaeda-allies ISIS forces.

Considered by many Middle East watchers, the quasi-independent Kurdistan Regional Government in the north of Iraq believes the central government in Baghdad is near collapse. According to Shafin Dizayee, spokesman for the Kurdish government flatly stated “The picture is no longer scary. It has become close to a nightmare scenario, where we see DAASH expanding and taking control of its borders. “DAASH” is the Arabic acronym for ISIS.

Jabbar Yawar, spokesman for the Kurdish Peshmerga militia, claimed anti-government forces have already “seized control of the towns of Iskandariya (Alexandria) and Mahmoudiya, south of Baghdad, and were reported in some instances to be just six miles from Baghdad.” ISIS troops have months ago seized huge swaths of western Iraqi territory stretching from the Syrian border to within 25 miles the western outskirts of Baghdad.