Islamic Jihadists Massacre Entire Christian Village; Women, Children, Elderly Burned to Death

If you think the War on International Terrorism is over, guess again. Especially for the minority Christian populations of the majority Muslim nations of Saharan Africa.

Specifically, the northwest African nation of Mali, where Islamic jihadists attacked the Christian village of Sobame Da, where “No-one was spared – women, children, elderly people.” Also noted, “anyone who tried to escape was killed.”

Apparently not having their bloodlust satiated by just shooting innocent Christians, it was also reported that “anyone who tried to escape was killed” by the jihadists.

Also cited, the manner of death meted out by the Islamists was particularly grisly.

Of the nearly 100 victims of the Sobame Da Massacre recovered by Malian government forces, all were found to be burned to death.

While the American media yawned, the Nigeria-based news portal reported;

Approximately 100 Christians were massacred by Muslim terrorists in the West African nation of Mali this month.

BBC reports that on June 9, armed Fulani Muslim militants invaded a predominately Christian village in Sobame Da, and killed men, women, and children.

Officials say they found at least 95 bodies. The attackers also killed animals and set fire to houses.

“About 50 heavily armed men arrived on motorbikes and pickups,” a survivor named Amadou Togo told the AFP agency.

“They first surrounded the village and then attacked – anyone who tried to escape was killed.”

“No-one was spared – women, children, elderly people,” he added.

No terror group claimed responsibility for the massacre.

“Right now we have 95 dead civilians. The bodies are burned, we are continuing to look for others,” a local official told AFP.

The Christian persecution watchdog group Open Doors reported last week that every person who died was a Christian.

A security source at the scene told AFP that the village “had been virtually wiped out.”

West Africa is home to some of the most brutal attacks against Christians in recent years that have claimed thousands of lives.

Mali was thrown into unrest after Islamic jihadists took over the country in 2012. The violence got so severe the entire Malian government resigned in April.

Approximately 5 percent are Malians are Christian (900,000), roughly two-thirds Catholic and one-third various Protestant denominations.