Islamic school cries Islamophobia: Textbook praises Muslim who ‘loved death more than life’

“Many Muslims will feel alienated and victims of state Islamaphobia…”

With the Muslim population of the United Kingdom growing by leaps and bounds, many loyal subjects of Her Majesty have voiced concern of hard-line, violent jihadists among that particular demographic. True to the modus operandi of a number of openly über-strict Shari’a Law compliant groups, many have cried discrimination. As reported by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on June 9, 2014, and also by the Anglo-American news portal Trending Central on Oct. 5, 2013, in two of the many notable examples, claims of Islamophobia have been the standard response.

In an inspection  report by the British government’s Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED), an independent Islamic school in the English city of Luton was found to contain in its library certain texts that promote “fundamentalist views which had ‘no place in British society.'” OFSTED also reported to Parliament that at Olive Branch, “Senior leaders do not ensure ‘balanced views of the world.'”

Furthermore, the finding of the inspection made note that “some books in the school ‘promote stoning and lashing as appropriate punishments. There are too few books about the world’s major religions other than Islam.'”

Disturbingly, OFSTED found school books “available to children included The Ideal Muslim by Dr. Muhammad Ali Al-Hashimi, which advocates parents hitting children if they do not pray by the age of 10.  Another, Commanders Of The Muslim Army by Mahmood Ahmad Ghadanfar, was said to praise individuals who ‘loved death more than life in their pursuit of righteous and true religion.'”

The Luton On Sunday newspaper reported on June 9, 2014, that The Olive Tree Primary School issued a statement slamming both OFSTED and the Rt. Hon. Michael Gove, Member of Parliament and also the country’s Secretary of State for Education. Despite Islam not being a race, the government was accused of “whipping up racist hysteria.”

In part, the statement accused the government of extremism as well as an ad hominem attack on MP Gove:

The inspection and the subsequent report was not about education, it was about a right extremist; Michael Gove, whipping up racist hysteria and OFSTED dancing to his poisonous tune. Many Muslims are left feeling alienated and victimised.

With the impressive title of Chairman of Governors for the school, Farasat Latif was also quoted by the BBC of injecting the charge of Islamophobia into the equation, “We are the victims of the extreme politics of Michael Gove whose ignorance of Islam is matched by his hostility. Many Muslims will feel alienated and victims of state Islamaphobia.”

Not the first time the accusation of Islamophobia has reared its ugly head, Islamist group, the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) slammed the University of London late in 2013 for cancelling presentations by two speakers that also had quite the history of advocating violence to just about anyone who didn’t agree with them. After receiving warnings from the London Metropolitan Police, university officials banned Abdur Raheem Green and Hamza Tzortzis from appearing on campus.

Green had openly stated in the past “Islam is not compatible with democracy” and that a husband may use “physical force… a very light beating” against his wife. Not to be outdone, Tzortzis has previously “endorsed barbaric punishments such as beheading, has said that homosexuality should be a criminal act, and has said that Islam is incompatible with democracy.”

Without fail, iERA drafted a letter “for its supporters to threaten the university with.” The pro-Muslim group “‘demands explanation as to why this decision was taken’ and claims to represent the entire Muslim community in Britain.” Further, the communiqué issued a less-than-veiled threat of disruptions and protests:

This whole matter is seen by the Muslim community as an Islamophobic and hostile attack on our values. If you do not reverse this decision, we will be vocally raising this issue in the Muslim community both here and abroad as to your stance against our community.