Ivanka Trump: Liberals and Internet Bullies Brand her New Puppy a Racist and an ‘Aryan’

Proving that TDS extends even to his grand-daughter…

One of the First Daughters, Ivanka Trump, just introduced her brand new puppy to the world via Twitter.

Named “Winter” (as in snow), the pup was a birthday gift to the Kushner’s daughter, Arabella.

Of course, liberal haters fell out of the sky with all manner of vile and childish insults. Everything from accusing Winter of being an Aryan, to somehow Ivanka herself being a Nazi.

Without fail, one of the haters even insulted the birthday girl, referring to Arabella Kushner as “Aryanabella”. Never mind that little Arabella will shortly be attending her own Bat Mitzvah, and that ethnically, she’s half Jewish.

But there were at least a few folks on Twitter to both defend Ivanka as well as point out how truly pathetic and classless these internet Antifa wannabes and internet tough guys really are;