Jewish Gun Dealer Offers Rabbis Free AR-15s

Oy vey! Such a deal!

In a glaring case of an obvious answer to solve an equally obvious problem, the owner of a Colorado Springs gun store is offering area rabbis a free AR-15 rifle to protect their congregations.

And not just the firearms, but two free magazines, 100 free rounds, and free concealed carry classes.

In the wake of the Pittsburgh shootings at the Tree of Life synagogue, Mel Bernstein, owner of Dragon Arms of Colorado Springs, has already had four rabbis accept his offering a free long gun.

However, one temple leader in the Centennial State isn’t all that keen owning an Armalite, but is a bit more bakvem with a handgun.

As reported by Fox News;

“I feel very bad that someone can walk in to a synagogue or church and start shooting and they can’t protect themselves,” Bernstein said.

He said each rabbi filled out a background check.

Rabbis at two Colorado Springs synagogues, Chabad of Southern Colorado and Temple Shalom, told Fox News they have not accepted Bernstein’s offer.

“In light of the tragic events in Pittsburgh, Temple Shalom is reviewing its security arrangements which do not include accepting Mr. Bernstein’s offer of assistance,” Rabbi Jay Sherwood said.

Others synagogues did not respond to requests for comment.

Unfortunately, one Jewish official doesn’t like the “image” of an armed rabbis. As opposed to the image of dead congregants?

Scott Levin of the Colorado Anti-Defamation League told the station that a rabbi with a gun causes image issues. He said he felt it would be a disruption.