Kavanaugh Smear Campaign: If ‘Ford Three’ Change Story to FBI, May Face Prosecution

The Democrats got their way, no thanks to the gutless RINO wastes-of-human-flesh in the US Senate. I don’t have to name names… you know exactly who I’m talking about.

But think about it, isn’t this additional delay just an exercise in futility?

Re-opening this complete and total cluster f*ck will accomplish absolutely nothing, other than masturbating the egos of certain aforementioned RINOs and every Democrat within the DC Beltway.

Smear campaign marches on.

Nonetheless, President Trump has ordered the FBI to conduct a SEVENTH investigation of Judge Kavanagh, albeit under very narrow parameters.

Even NPR notes that the Democrats may not have gotten everything they wanted, this will be merely a partial investigation;

President Trump has ordered the FBI to conduct a limited “supplemental investigation” into his Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, to update the judge’s background check, following a deal struck by Senate Republicans to move the nomination forward.

In regards to who exactly will the FBI take statements from, as The Washington Post cited Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley;

“My staff reached out to other individuals allegedly at the party: Mark Judge, Patrick Smyth, Leland Keyser. All three submitted statements to the Senate under — under penalty of felony, denying any knowledge of the events described by Dr. Ford.

Dr. Ford’s lifelong friend, Dr. — Miss Keyser, stated she doesn’t know Judge Kavanaugh and doesn’t recall ever attending a party with him.”

But wait a second – as The Post notes, the three people named by Ford already submitted to the US Senate, legal statements that were vowed to their truthfulness under penalty of possibly going to prison.

So why is this delay taking place again… other than wasting taxpayer dollars and allowing scum like Michael Avenatti dredge up more lying tramps?