Kiddie-sex predator: ‘Queer Studies’ pioneer professor busted

AlmaPride11The individual long seen as one of the academic trailblazers of the acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle has plead guilty to a federal judge of illegal sexual contact with minors in foreign places. As reported by the Philippine Star (of Mandaluyong City, Philippines) on Sept. 9, 2014, and also by the American right-of-center news portal on Sept. 8, 2014, former Professor of Gender Studies Walter Lee Williams managed to obtain a plea deal that ensures he will spend no more than five years in prison.

A former tenured professor at the University of Southern California (USC), Williams has long been recognized in the hallowed halls of academia as one of the founders of the popularly known “Queer Studies” degree programs offered at many American institutes of higher learning. He was also picked-up last summer by law enforcement officials in the Mexican coastal town of Playa del Carmen after a resident recognized his photo from a newspaper. His apprehension was a singular day after he was indicted on sex crimes involving two 14-year-old boys in the Philippines. Reportedly, Williams had “groomed” (popularly used phrase to psychologically condition victims of sexual crimes) the boys online to satiate his sexual appetites.

Under the guise of research work, Williams plead guilty to United States District Judge Philip Gutierrez of his trip to the Philippines to have intercourse with underage boys, 10 of those in his sights were identified as between the ages 9 to 17. Due to the plea deal with the government, Williams will serve no more than five years in prison, with ten years of supervision and a $25,000 fine.

During his almost 20-years at USC, Williams was recognized as the 2006 University of Southern California General Education Outstanding Teacher Award. He was also a past recipient of the prestigious Fulbright Scholar Award, to Gadjah Mada University in Indonesia.Queer-Studies-Flyer

Thanks to Williams and like-minded academics, USC offers both Bachelors and Masters degree programs in Gender Studies. According to the official USC website, core curriculum includes classes such as Introduction to Feminist Theory, U.S. Gay and Lesbian History, Ecofeminism, and Queer Los Angeles.

Also according to a separate official USC tuition website, an undergrad and graduate degree in Gender Studies could conceivably run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Per the website, the cost in tuition only for a singular semester for Undergraduate Students (12–18 units) runs a hefty $23,781.00. Graduate Students carrying a 15–18 unit workload will fork out $23,781.00 per semester. The additional cost of books, various fees and room and board are estimated to at least run in the very high tens of thousands of dollars over a period of years to attain a degree in the greater Los Angeles area.