Killer drought: California’s man-made disaster to save a bait-fish from extiction

In the wake of the report of a governmentally labeled “environmentally friendly”  solar power farm actually scorching birds in mid-flight, the right-of-center news portal is reporting that the severe drought hammering California’s agricultural powerhouse Central Valley was actually brought on by environmental activists in their quest to save a bait-fish, on Feb. 15, 2014.

As the planet Earth experiences normal highs and lows in the rhythm of the climate, extra-heavy and extra-dry seasons are nothing out of the ordinary to California’s multi-billion dollar agricultural industry.

As correctly noted:

Most of Southern California would naturally be a desert if it wasn’t for water management even in the best of years, and the Central Valley would never have become an agricultural powerhouse without it.

Far-thinking state planners established a half a century ago and beyond a series of reservoirs, aqueducts, storage facilities and canals to ensure a ready supply of runoff water from Northern and Eastern California’s many snow-capped mountain ranges would be available to farmers in the face of even a five-year drought.


Nonetheless, environmental activists convinced a federal judge five years ago that in order to save the Delta Smelt from extinction, the water designated for the Central Valley would have to be diverted.

In keeping with the federal court order, 3 million acre-feet of fresh water has been diverted — directly into the Pacific Ocean.

The Delta Smelt is normally used by Californians as a bait-fish.


Oh, sweet irony!

Both The Independent of London, UK on Feb. 16, 2014, and Fox News on Feb. 15, 2014 reported that highly touted environmentally-friendly Ivanpah solar farm in Southern Nevada is producing  a 1,000 °F “thermal flux.”

Unfortunately for our feathered friends, many are actually being roasted as they unwittingly winging their way in the wrong place and time over the green energy power plant.


3 thoughts on “Killer drought: California’s man-made disaster to save a bait-fish from extiction

  1. This is not about saving man; this is about deliberately impacting American farming in a negative way.

    No one is this stupid.

    1. OH yes they are…Liberalism is a HORRIBLE DEBILITATING disease that affects a person’s ability to get their head out of the asses…Yes people CAN be that stupid..

  2. I drove through san joachim valley last month. It was traumatic seeingthe complete devastation…looked like a war zone. Oh wait it is

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