Korans, Muslim prayer rugs found at Texas-Mexico border

1ats34197_terrornet1With tens of thousands of illegal aliens swarming across the Rio Grande into Texas, certain items are washing up to the riverbank that normally aren’t associated with Central American children fleeing ultra-violent MS-13 drug gang as many on the left have been asserting. As reported by the Independent Review Journal news portal and also by the right-of-center The Blaze, both on July 14, 2014, various Islamic sacramentals as well as various cultural accoutrements relating to Pakistan and Afghanistan are beginning to make their appearance known in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

As reported, South Texas rancher Mike Vickers has found a rather out of place textbook on his property – an Urdu to English dictionary and phrasebook. Despite rather sizable minorities in Central America speaking ancient tongues such as Tz’utujil and Ch’orti’ as well as the vast majority of the populace speaking Spanish, a dictionary for the language mostly spoken in Pakistan and Afghanistan appearing on the American side of the border is raising more than a few eyebrows among law enforcement officials.

Vickers claims he found the dictionary on the ground alongside the electrified fence encompassing his 1,000 acre spread. Yet what’s causing concern is that the Vickers ranch is a full 70 miles north of the Rio Grande.

Undoubtedly if it was simply a case of a singular dictionary/phrase book, that may not cause all that much of a stir in the anti-terrorism community. But speaking on grounds of strict anonymity, a U.S. Border Patrol agent intimated to The Blaze that it simply isn’t all that rare for law enforcement officials all along the U.S.-Mexican border to find abandoned Islamic prayer rugs, copies of the Koran as well as many other “unusual items” strewn about the desert that is a cause for concern.

Other than the usual flood of illegal immigrants from Mexico and most of the Central American nations, Immigration officials have also been apprehending individuals from China, but perhaps more worrisome, an increasing number from the terrorist hotbeds of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Somalia.