Lauren Southern is really a man… and a genuis

Better known on the internet as an unapologetic hard-right leaning activist, Lauren Southern is also really, really good looking.

But wait, there’s more. She’s also a man.

Well, according to the Clair Vaughan Medical Clinic of Toronto, Canada, as well as the Ontario provincial government, she is.

As seen in the video below, Southern decided to conduct her own social experiment.

With her native Canada firmly under the thumb of renown soy-boy Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Southern decided to see just how far removed from reality was her native land.

Specifically, Southern wanted to see for herself if under the current political and cultural atmosphere of Canada, could she possibly punch as many politically correct buttons needed to have herself officially classified as a man.

Without me ruining the video, just marvel on how easy it was for the comely blonde to have herself registered as a dude;