Leftie ‘Activist’ Calls for ‘Violent General Strike’ when Kavanaugh Confirmed

I’m suppose to be scared… when, exactly?

Quick! Time for all my fellow supporters of the Second Amendment (and heavily armed, I might add) to soil themselves in regards to threats of physical violence from a self-admitted “gender-variant” confused individual known to the world as “Emily” Gorcenski. Sarcasm, off.

As noted by American Thinker reporter Rick Moran, keep a sharp-eye opened for a Y-chromosome individual (obviously was born with outdoor plumbing) who goes by the nom de Twitter of Emily G.

This individual also happens to be calling for violence if and when Judge Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed to the SCOTUS by the US Senate.

“Activist” and gender confused Emily G.

Specifically in his article, Moran cites that “Emily” Gorcenski has called for a “violent general strike” if the Kavanaugh hearings doesn’t go his/her/vacillating way when the vote goes to the Senate floor.

In a series of tweets, that have since been deleted but were archived here and seen below, Gorcenski clearly calls for violence;

As Moran also cites, Deb Heine of PJ Media who “reports that Emily G tried to walk back her call for violence the next day. The activist on Friday disavowed the tweets, claiming they do not say what they seem to say”;

Moran also eruditely asks the rhetorical question;

“How could anyone mistake a call for a ‘violent general strike’ as a call for a ‘violent general strike’? My bad.”

Also noted by Moran, “Heine also has some other interesting information about who follows Gorcenski:”

Gorcenski is one of only 3,641 people followed by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and one of only 503 people followed by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Hate Watch” account, Far Left Watch points out[.]

In his closing line, I think Moran very well may speak for us all, “Oh, my. Delicious irony, indeed.”