Leftist Hate in Cincinnati: Protesters Scream ‘F*CK YOU!’ Make Obscene Gestures to Audience

Peaceful, loving Leftists.

Stay classy, Democrats…

President Trump is pulling in more people to his rallies than he has seats available. Case in point: Just yesterday at the Trump rally in Cincinnati, the White House Press Office;

Q Mr. President, do you have a message — do you have a message for them now, like before they go in?

THE PRESIDENT: I do have a message. My message is for the people I’m going to — so, we had over 100,000 applications for whatever the size of the — I think it’s a 14,000-seat arena. But we’re way over a hundred and — I think 122,000 applications for those seats.

Nonetheless, of the 122,000 of those who were authorized at a shot of nailing one of the 14,000 seats for the Presidential rally, a handful of leftist malcontents managed get in and essentially make huge jackasses of themselves.

On a personal note, of the two loudmouthed beta males making a scene; one was a painful example of an ectomorph, the other morbidly obese.

If the best the left can generate are these genetic defects, I seriously doubt their much ballyhooed armed uprising will amount to much.

Just picture in your mind’s eye Too-Slim and Chubbs receiving an epic beatdown at the hands of a patriotic 14-year-old girl.

Anyhow, view the video… draw your own conclusions.