Let ’em all kill each other off: Chicago FOP urges cops to refuse overtime over Labor Day weekend

Chicago's finest assaulted by those he was protecting (photo: screen capture, Youtube).
Chicago’s Finest assaulted by those he was protecting (photo: screen capture, Youtube).

Just maybe it’s starting to dawn the police officers of Chicago that the mayor of their fine city; the US Attorney General; even the Chief Executive of the United States, Democrats all, really could give a damn less about them. 

That may be why the Chicagoland area Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) has just sent out word that could allow all the previously mentioned officials the chance to simmer in their own juices. Especially with an extra-bloody holiday weekend expected for the already blood-soaked streets of Chicago.

As reported by the Breitbart.com news portal, the police union has issued a memo admonishing members to take a pass on drawing any overtime this upcoming weekend. But with Labor Day almost upon us, Mayor Rahm Emanuel just may be sweating more than a few bullets of his own.

To protest the “disrespect” the FOP claims the Chicago PD has had to endure as of late, the official memo states;

“In order to show unity and to protest the continued disrespect of Chicago Police Officers and the killings of Law Enforcement Officers across our Country, we are requesting FOP Members to refrain from volunteering to work … for the entire Labor Day Weekend.”

While Labor Day is usually considered the last weekend of the summer, this particular holiday has been embraced by Chicago’s drug pushers, pimps, and other assorted lowlifes as their last big blowout before Old Man Winter comes to town.

BLM agitator attempts to provoke a Chicago cop. (Photo: Screen capture, Youtube).
BLM agitator attempts to provoke a Chicago cop. (Photo: Screen capture, Youtube).

Breitbart.com also noted;

Morale among the CPD has been cratering with one disastrous report after another and rising gang violence bringing the Windy City its most dangerous month in what promises to be its most dangerous year in decades.

Thus far this year, the Windy City has suffered 2,903 total shootings, including 448 shot and killed. This year’s death rate has already surpassed last year’s numbers which ended with 447 shot and killed.

Shockingly, Chicago has seen more homicides this year than both New York City and Los Angeles combined, according to the Washington Post.

The city is poised to exceed 600 homicides this year, a number it hasn’t seen since 2003.

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