Liberal Hate: Pro Golfer Lexi Thompson to Quit Social Media for Playing a Round with Pres. Trump, Rush Limbaugh

Target of liberal hate, Lexi Thompson.

In true liberal fashion, foul-mouthed leftie internet trolls have attacked professional golfer and fitness model Alexis “Lexi” Thompson for the high crime of playing a round of golf with President Trump and radio personality Rush Limbaugh.

But rather than react to the haters as a victim, the comely young Thompson responded instead with grace and class.

As Thompson posted to her personal Instagram account;


“Hey everybody, just want to say I will be taking a break from social media. If I post it will be from my management team for me. I’m too involved with it, and to read some of the hurtful things being said to me lately isn’t fair and I’m not dealing with it,” Thompson said on a caption to a selfie she posted on Instagram.

“Thank you to my true fans out there. I will be back on but I’m going to be focusing on me right now and my life. Thanks for understanding.”