Life in a Communist Dictatorship: ZERO Venezuelan Parents Allowed to Attend Little League World Series

2019 Venezuelan Little League Champs, minus parents.

On a personal note, I attended the first four days of the LLWS in Williamsport, PA. Needless to say, it was great meeting all the players, coaches, parents, extended family members, expats living here in the States cheering on the home team, etc., etc.

The ballplayers from Louisiana, Curaçao, Maui, Italy… suffice it to say that a lot of dreams came true (and still coming true) during the course of the worldwide annual festivities of everything baseball.

Sadly, while every single foreign team, regardless of nation of origin, was allowed to have parents and siblings also attend this once in a lifetime event, there is a singular exception: Team Venezuela.

To add insult to injury, the American establishment media doesn’t even want to talk about this heartless, vindictive act by Venezuela’s totalitarian dictator, Nicolás Maduro.

To find a fair and objective news source on this topic, I frustratingly came up goose egg over and over.

Only after going off the beaten path did I find an article penned by Will Desautelle for the official Little League website did I find the independent verification I sought.

Silly me. I half-expected the news media to cover this news story. What was I thinking?

Anyhow, as cited by reporter Desautelle (emphasis mine);

Secret Agent Culo Gordo.

Cacique Mara Little League of Maracaibo, Venezuela received a loud ovation from a large crowd of supporters as they exited the field at Lamade Stadium for the final time in the 2019 Little League Baseball® World Series.

They bowed to the Curaçao fans sitting along the third baseline and then made their way to the opposite side where they paid tribute to their own supporters, all of which they added this week.

None of the Venezuela players’ families made the trip to Williamsport, so hundreds of fans on site decided they would try to help the players feel more at home during each of the team’s four games.

“We want to cheer them on because their parents can’t be here,” said Sutton Denny, a young supporter of the Venezuela team this week. “They like that we support them.”

But in all fairness, the media did dance around the periphery of the parents of the players not being allowed to exit Venezuela for the Estados Unidos de América.

As reported by CBS Sports, it was Texas Rangers second baseman Rougned Odor to the rescue when he personally paid the visa fees for the players and coaches.

Now you’ve seen two separate, equally valid news articles on the subject at hand. Decide for yourself: Is Nicolás Maduro behind the move to deny the parents the ability to accompany their children… possibly so entire families wouldn’t defect to the good ol’ US of A, thusly embarrassing Maduro on the international stage?

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  1. Here is life in a Dictatorship . Do we want this for America ? Considering the American media is not mentioning this at all speaks volumes. It appears they WANT us living under a tyrant who does not govern but rules all things in America. Here is the result of Socialism/Communism in all it’s ugly glory !

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