Lifestyles of Venezuela’s Rich and Famous (and Socialist) Kids

Maduro’s second-in-command Diosdado Cabello’s daughter Daniela. The Venezuelan beauty has drawn attention by her stunning good-looks and spoiled-kid lifestyle.

As Mel Brooks’ portrayal of Louis XVI once famously quipped, “It’s good to be the king.”

Argentinian President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner meets with María Gabriela Chávez. Maria Gabriela is rumored to be the richest woman in Venezuela.

Obviously, while being at the top of the hierarchal heap is never a bad thing, being a prince or a princess certainly has its advantages. Especially if their form of government is a militant totalitarian dictatorship.

Such is the case in the South American nation named after the Italian city of Venice.

In a nation with an inflation rate of a mind-numbing 10 million percent, dictator Nicolás Maduro and his henchmen are no doubt, living the high life. Also embracing the celebrity lifestyle would be the children of the socialist thugs.

As reported by Great Britain’s The Daily Mail;

Socialist revolution leader Hugo Chavez’s oldest daughter Maria Gabriela is rumoured to be Venezuela’s richest woman, with a personal fortune of more than 4 billion dollars, hidden in bank accounts Europe.

The 38-year-old earned her vast fortune while acting as first lady to her socialist President father, former Lieutenant-Colonel Hugo Chavez, after he divorced his second wife.

Maduro’s second-in-command Diosdado Cabello has attracted the attention of the US Drug Enforcement Agency while nothing has been proven.

Strongman’s daughter, Daniela Cabello.

His daughter Daniela however has drawn much attention by her stunning good-looks and celebrity lifestyle. Her boyfriend is latin pop-singer Omar Acedo.

A few months earlier his two stepsons Yoswal Gavidia Flores and Walter Gavidia Flores had managed to blow some $45,000 on an extravagant 18-night stay at the Ritz hotel in Paris – where rooms cost $591 a night. Breakfast is an extra $40.

Their hotel bill is the equivalent of the monthly wages of 2,000 Venezuelans. A basic basket of shopping costs 16 times the minimum wage. Six out of ten Venezuelans have a relative who goes without to feed their family and one in 12 families are forced to scavenge out of the bins for food.

These rich Chavista kids have also been spotted in the best restaurants and clothes and jewelry shops in Madrid – as part of the lavish lifestyle they have become accustomed to, while their step-father drags their country its knees.

Together with brother Yosser, they have been accused of involvement in a multi-million-dollar money laundering scheme by US Senator Marco Rubio in September last year.

Stepsons of President Nicolas Maduro, Yoswal Gavidia Flores and Walter Gavidia Flores, not reduced to eating garbage.

Socialist royalty.
Everyone else.