Lingerie football game: Security staff slams idiot who rushed the field

Legends Football League Australia – (Victoria Maidens vs NSW Surge)

They may have started out life as the Lingerie Football League, but tired of being the butt of numerous jokes (no pun intended), the LFL decided to church things up with a name change.

Always best to stretch out first.

Lingerie Football League was out, Legends Football League was in. Oddly enough, the league decided to keep the lingerie.

While the league itself still suffers a lack of credibility, it’s a sure thing that the stadium security staff doesn’t suffer from the same.

As seen in the video (below), in a meeting between the Seattle Mist and the L.A. Temptation, some feckless fan took it upon himself to rush the field.

It goes without saying that said fan failed to:

  1. Check himself.
  2. Before he wrecked himself.

As far as the LFL is concerned, the league’s official USA website notes there are eight teams active in the US only.

However, on the league’s international site, “Between 2018 and 2022, the LFL will continue to host international exhibition matches around the world with a focus on its growth markets. The build out of teams will begin in 2020 in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.”

Proposed international expansion.