London calling; Kurds battle ISIS on the streets, sends them running

15381137476_28aea81940_bThe north of Iraq and Syria aren’t the only places the Kurds have been knocking ISIS and their supporters around. As reported by the Haringey Independent (of London, UK) on March 23, 2015, and also by the Breitbart news portal on March 22, 2015, Kurdish expats living in Great Britain literally chased and beat some of the more radical jihadist elements from the streets of foggy olde Londontowne.

Emotions are certainly still raw for both the Kurdish community of London and patriotic English nationalists who are still in mourning the return home of the body of former Royal Marine Konstandinos Erik Scurfield, 25, who was killed in action fighting with the Kurdish forces against the ISIS Islamic Jihadists terrorists in Syria. Even though Marine Scurfield is English on his father’s side and Greek on his mother’s, Kurds throughout the globe have taken him as one of their own.

Over this past weekend that many of London’s Kurdish residents were walking though the north London neighborhood of Wood Green to attend their traditional Newroz (traditional New Year) celebrations at the local Kurdish Community Centre. However, Britain’s notorious ISIS-friendly hate preacher Anjem Choudary and a number of his followers set up an Islamic Roadshow stall where they passed out leaflets advocating Islamic Shari’a law be instituted throughout the United Kingdom, and simultaneously was urging London’s rather large Muslim population to boycott upcoming elections.

It was then that words turned to shouts, push came to shove. As seen from a rooftop video taken by a group of anonymous boys, London police tried their best to keep the two groups separated, but to no avail. Translators have determined that racial slurs were hurled, as well as a number of bricks. It was also reported that dozens of men were seen attacking each other with either baseball or cricket bats.

After a time, a number of police reinforcements arrived on the scene in an attempt to drive the clashing hordes apart. But by then, Choudary and his followers were already long gone and their Islamic Roadshow stall was destroyed by the Kurds.

Quite possibly an indictment of London’s famous Bobbies, one of the young boys filming the fracas observed “No-one’s scared of the police”. Another of the boys was heard to say “At least no Muslims died.”

In the meantime, British pro-Kurdish rights campaigner Mark Campbell took to social media to tell the story of Marine Scurfield. As Campbell posted on Facebook: “It is the duty of every Kurd and friends of the Kurdish struggle in Syria to be there to show our respect to this fallen hero, who, frustrated by the lack of UK action and support for the Kurds’ heroic battle against Isis, put his own life on the line for his own personal principles. Time to welcome him home!”

Scurfield’s body was delivered to his father and uncle at the weekend in a ceremony on the Syria-Iraq border involving hundreds of Syrian Kurds. Reportedly, his coffin was draped with the Kurdish and British Union Jack flags and hundreds of people, including Kurdish fighters in the region, paid homage to the adopted hero of the Kurdish people as be began his journey home to England.