London Protesters Call for 250K, Only 9K Even Bothered to Sign-Up

What if you invited 250 to a blow-out, or a wedding, or a reunion… whatever, and only 00.9 even bothered to RSVP? That’s got be pretty rough.

Yet that’s pretty much what happened today in London as anti-Trump protesters and a compliant media did their best to convince the world that 250,000 people actually protested against President Trump’s second visit to the British capital.

Case in point: In a prime example of fake news, Britain’s ran as their lead photo a massive crowd protesting Trump, but what they saved to the very end of their alleged reporting is that the photo in question happens to be from last year.

Today’s protest. Does this look even close to 250,000? If you look closely
to the upper left, there are two flags flying of Communist Cuba.

So where does the quarter million number come from? The organizers themselves.

As reported by London’s Evening Standard, their breathless headline was “Donald Trump protests: Massive security operation begins with ‘250,000’ protesters set to descend on London”.

However, Britain’s Sky News reports;

For journalists, it’s always difficult predicting numbers at these protests. Supporters accuse us of underplaying the crowd size, opponents of these marches say we’re simply talking-up the attendance.

What I can say is that Trafalgar Square holds up to 10,000 people, and today it was pretty full, but not overflowing.

Not alone, the everything leftie, also notes that “thousands upon thousands of protestors took to the streets…”

What Hollywood Life eventually got around to stating was;

Nearly 9000 signed up for the day of protests, organized by the “Together Against Trump” organization.

I know that I’m not the only one who can tell the difference between “signed up” and “actually attended.”

Finally, some objective reporting.

What the media missed from last summer.