London’s Top Cop Raises the White Flag, Calls on British Army to Help Restore Order

British troops giving the Iraqi Army every chance to meet Mohammed face-to-face.

The British Army has a long and storied past. From Waterloo to Isandlwana, Crimea to the Somme, Normandy to Hill 282 in Korea, despite never having a royal charter, the British Army has quite the martial lineage.

Even the Recent Unpleasantness in their dealings with those upstart Colonials during the American War of Independence, and also their razing of Washington, DC in 1814, as the proud descendant of Irish immigrants who fought the British during our Second War of Independence (popularly known as the War of 1812), and as one who also served alongside their 7th Armoured Brigade during the Gulf War, Part I, I’m willing to give the Bloody-Backs a double-mulligan for the Boston Massacre and the burning of the White House.

With all that aside, one of the Battle Honours the British Army very well could already add to their warfighting pedigree might be for their actions during the Battle of London.

No, I don’t mean some weird alternate history timeline where Hitler’s Operation Sealion actually happened. I’m referring to the head honchoette of London’s Metropolitan Police essentially running up the white flag in the face of a rising crime wave.

Specifically, crime involving all manner of edged-weapons, a particular problem that’s been on the rise in London since Sadiq Khan was elected mayor of London.

As reported by London’s the Evening Standard;

Dick… Cressida Dick.

Met Commissioner Cressida Dick today admitted that police could call in the army to help fight the “horror” of knife crime as she called for a huge national effort to stem the wave of blade killings and stabbings.

Ms Dick said that she would be prepared to use military staff in support roles if it would assist police as they try to respond to the violent crime epidemic hitting the country.

The dramatic admission came as Ms Dick warned the “absolutely ghastly” killing of London teenager Jodie Chesney and another teenager in Cheshire had revealed “just how big a challenge” blade offending has become.

She said some of the problem in the capital was being driven by young black men growing up in streets where they were surrounded by criminals and former offenders, who were encouraging them to commit crime, amid conditions which have hardly changed for decades.

She added that “it breaks my heart” to see how little progress had been made in these areas and that the result was contributing to the disproportionate number of African Caribbean knife crime victims and offenders.

Strangely enough, Commissioner Dick is under the impression that middle-class pot smokers and pill poppers are behind the crime wave;

Ms Dick also repeated her criticism of middle-class drug users, whose habits are helping to fuel violence, by agreeing that they had “blood on their hands”.

Even stranger, British Prime Minister Theresa May seems to think the problem is not enough cops;

She [Dick] directly contradicted the Prime Minister by insisting that there is “obviously” a link between rising violent crime and lower police numbers.

However, in a report from Britain’s Sky News, only 13 percent of Londoners claim Caribbean-African or African bloodlines. Yet 44 percent are victims of knife murders, while 48 percent are suspects of edged-blade murders.

Be it black youths emulating thugs, middle-class dopers, or a lack of police on the streets, few will argue that whatever the Met Police and their political masters are doing simply isn’t working.

In a related story, police from Slade Green, Bexley, London, took to Facebook earlier this year to pat themselves on the back in relation to a confiscated sword. Somewhere in the East End, a giant piece of toast is still waiting to be buttered.

British police run away from rioting jihadi supporters.