Low Information Voter Alert: Obama OKs Unlimited Food Stamps during Thanksgiving

freetdayTwitter rumor takes on a life of it’s own…

The 2010 presidential election had a particular politically correct phrase for functionally illiterate mouth breathers who relied on The Daily Show, The View and Pimp with a Limp for their news and informational needs.

The societal leeches who think Gubmint Trick-or-Treat lasts from January 1 to December 31 have a name.

Civic parasites, thy name is Low Information Voter.

Über conservo-babe Michelle Malkin’s Twitter watchdog site Twitchy has been monitoring the micro-blogging webpage’s postings of Comrade Soetoro’s army of governmental subsidized EBTea Baggers experience wave after wave of veritable Obagasms at the mere rumor of unlimited taxpayer-funded food stamps for the habitually lazy and incurably stupid during the upcoming Thanksomeone-else-giving season.

Case in point:



But wait, there’s more.


And it just gets better.


Is it really asking Allison, Ric and RIP that if they want all that food, glorious food, possibly a job might factor into the equation somewhere?


Damn the luck, just when I was going to put a Smiley Face on Sebastian’s paper for the correct usage of the English language, I caught a peek at his Twitter Handle.

Hiz Englush teachur muste be verry hapy wit him.

But I Digress…

Never underestimate an EBTea Bagger from not only jumping to any given conclusion, they’ll also rip its throat out, disembowel it while the heart is still beating, eventually sucking the marrow out of its very bones even as the death rattle sounds.

Turns out all the foodapalooza excitement was prompted by a fake TMZ site in which the Kenyan interloper supposedly stated to a CBS News interviewer:

“It’s kind of my way of saying ‘my bad’ for the whole Obamacare-government shutdown fiasco.”

Sadly, the faux-websites “About” page even stated:

“This website is comprised of satire and parody of current news and urban culture. For entertainment purposes only.”

I guess the Low Info Voters didn’t make it that far.

They probably stopped reading when they hit the word “free.”

2 thoughts on “Low Information Voter Alert: Obama OKs Unlimited Food Stamps during Thanksgiving

  1. O.K. all you freeloaders out there, stupid enough is right. Did you not notice at the top of the page it says “Sample Copy”! Duh And how do you think they can reset a pre-determined EBT card for all of you freeloaders out of the blue? They can’t. Sorry folks, I guess it’s going to be the church dinner for y’all where I’ll be servin’ ya.

    1. worthless piles of leech dung. I wish I could be there in the checkout line when they get slapped in the face with the truth. they don’t even qualify as 3rd class citizens. sssoooo many clot pole, sausage slobbing, blood sucking, entitlement brainwashed, worthless, ass scrounging, carrion craving, dumpster dwelling, slime skragging, stuffed animal raping, glory hole frenzied, rectal gasket sucking, poochy lube flinging, turd gobbling, mass single brain celled, fart zombified, beef rod stroking, Obama whores, AND NO WHERE NEAR ENOUGH ABUSIVE, SATISFYING EXPLETIVES, AND MALICIOUS DESCRIPTIVES TO “TRUTHFULLY” LABEL THEM WITH.

      it is so dammned sad that people of this levelof filth and stupidity don’t understand just how powerful the word “stereotypical” really is. people used to lose control with rage over being labeled as a stereotype. pathetic. I have no sympathy for these absolutely simple minded new definitives for the word moron. their depravity, and greed will get them what they so richly deserve in very short order.

      absolutely, hopelessly, pathetic.

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