Maduro’s Troops Burn Emergency Food, Medical Shipments; Venezuelan Navy Threatens to Open Fire on US Aid Cargo Ship

Humanitarian aid burned by Maduro’s thugs.

The Guardian newspaper is arguably one of the more leftist media organizations in Great Britain, if not the world.

Nonetheless, even the reliably liberal Guardian is calling out Venezuelan dictatorial socialist strongman Nicolás Maduro. That no easy feat (see video at the end of the article).

With that said, word on the street is that not only had Maduro’s Russian, Chinese, and Cuban controlled military opened fire on their own people, killing five, the country’s National Guardsmen have set fire to a semi-truck convoy loaded down with tons of American humanitarian aid, the vast majority being food and medicine.

Interestingly enough, very little Western news coverage has been given to the still-unfolding story of a cargo vessel out of the US Commonwealth of Puerto Rico loaded with humanitarian supplies that was threatened to be fired upon by the Venezuelan Navy while still in international waters.

As reported by The Guardian;

A ship carrying 250 tons of humanitarian aid from Puerto Rico was forced to turn back when the Venezuelan Navy threatened to open fire. Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello called this “a direct threat against a humanitarian mission being carried out by American citizens.”

Colombia’s Nuestra Tele Noticias 24 reports live from the Colombian-Venezuelan border.

In the meantime, the Associated Press is citing that while the Venezuelan troops still loyal to Maduro shot and killed (updated) five and wounded upwards of 300, the same troops torched a truck convoy loaded down with food and medicine (emphasis mine);

Throughout the turbulent day, as police and protesters squared off on two bridges connecting Venezuela to Colombia, opposition leader Juan Guaido made repeated calls for the military to join him in the fight against Maduro’s “dictatorship.” Colombian authorities said more than 60 soldiers answered his call, deserting their posts in often-gripping fashion, though most were lower in rank and didn’t appear to dent the higher command’s continued loyalty to Maduro’s socialist government.

In one dramatic high point, a group of activists led by exiled lawmakers managed to escort three flatbed trucks of aid past the halfway point into Venezuela when they were repelled by security forces. In a flash the cargo caught fire, with some eyewitnesses claiming the National Guardsmen doused a tarp covering the boxes with gas before setting it on fire. As a black cloud rose above, the activists — protecting their faces from the fumes with vinegar-soaked cloths — unloaded the boxes by hand in a human chain stretching back to the Colombian side of the bridge.

“They burned the aid and fired on their own people,” said 39-year-old David Hernandez, who was hit in the forehead with a tear gas canister that left a bloody wound and growing welt. “That’s the definition of dictatorship.”