Manchelle Insults Melania on National Television

There was a time when the FTOTUS (First Tranny of the United States) said of Republican criticism aimed at Democrats, “When they go low, we go high.”

Apparently, the shaved sasquatch that use to reside in the White House considers being treated graciously as somehow insulting.

Case in point would be Michael Michelle Obama’s ghetto-esque conduct and comments during its appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Jockstrap and Lace.

As seen in the video above, when Fallon asked it what its thoughts were when boarding Air Force One after turning the White House over to President Trump and the new First Lady, Melania Trump, the she-beast flippantly responded, “Bye, Felicia.”

Made quasi-famous from the 1995 urban stoner movie “Friday”, the phrase “Bye, Felicia” is intended to be a dismissive insult.

Not done insulting Melania yet, the sexually questionable Mrs. Obama whined on regarding how bad things were leaving the Executive Mansion for the final time.

Mentioning the gift Mrs. Trump gave her, “So there was that and the Tiffany’s box … it was just a lot.”

Class gives a gift to crass.