Marine General Kelly: ‘No way we can keep Ebola [contained] in West Africa’


With most of the American media missing this, the Department of Defense’s Defense Media Activity generically reported on Oct. 8, 2014 that the Marine Corps four star in command of the U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) painted a none too rosy picture regarding the spread of the Ebola virus from West Africa to the Americas. While delivering a speech at the Defense Department’s National Defense University in Washington, DC, Gen. John F. Kelly cited the government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention when he stated that by New Year’s Day there will be 1.4 million people infected, and of that number, 62 percent will be dying.

The Commanding General of SOUTHCOM also made note that if and when the Ebola virus comes to the Western Hemisphere, “many countries have little ability to deal with an outbreak of the disease.” Continuing, Kelly also stated, “So, much like West Africa, it will rage for a period of time. This is a particularly possible scenario if the disease gets to Haiti or Central America.”

Speaking very matter-of-factly, Gen. Kelly recognized the 800 pound gorilla in the room that critics of Barack Obama and his Administration accuse him of ignoring: “If the disease gets to countries like Guatemala, Honduras or El Salvador, it will cause a panic and people will flee the region. If it breaks out, it’s literally, ‘Katie bar the door,’ and there will be mass migration into the United States.”

With America’s southern borders already essentially both unregulated and unguarded, Gen. Kelly again spoke plainly of the nightmare that could be visited upon the United States before the end of the upcoming winter. “They will run away from Ebola, or if they suspect they are infected, they will try to get to the United States for treatment” Kelly said.

According to the U.N.’s World Health Organization, the Ebola virus was previously known as “Ebola hemorrhagic fever,” a particularly deadly disease in which the victims initially suffer from an exceptionally high fever, sore throat, muscle pain, and headaches. Typically the virus causes vomiting, diarrhea, a rash, soon to be followed by a marked decreased function of the liver and kidneys. Normally at this state of the sickness, those affected usually begin to bleed both within the body and externally from all orifices from the eye sockets and gums to the rectum and sexual reproductive organs.

SOUTHCOM´s units are comprised from all branches of the Armed Forces, mainly US Air Force active duty/reserve and Air National Guard units; a handful of U.S. Army commands, with the largest being the 470th Military Intelligence Brigade in Texas; no major Marine Corps or Navy commands are permanently assigned, but are redirected from either Fleet Marine Force, Atlantic, or the Third Fleet. SOUTHCOM’s official Areas of Responsibility includes the land mass of Latin America south of Mexico; the waters adjacent to Central and South America; the entire Caribbean Sea area.