Massive Hoax: The ‘Government Shutdown’ Costs the Media Isn’t Telling You About

The mail is still being delivered; those expecting a tax return will still get it; the Coast Guard is still guarding the coasts; all is right with the world.

Golly gee, how is this happening in the middle of a supposed “government shutdown”?

From what we’re told, “around” 800,000 federal employees have been furloughed (but will be paid back in full for days worked) due to President Trump’s partial shutdown of the federal government.

Amazing that no one can nail a solid number down as to how many are on a temporary vacation, huh?

But in all fairness, I have been hearing stories of a wee bit too much litter swirling around the Washington Monument, and a couple of public toilets at some National Park out west have been clogged-up, so I guess there are a few government worker bees who legitimately serve a useful purpose.

Anyhow, according to, the average salary for federal employees of all 375 federal agencies (yes, 375) is $69,344.22.

Using simple arithmetic (thanks to the good Sisters who taught me how to add, subtract, divide, and multiply… none of that Common Core stupidity), I simply multiplied the average federal salary by 800,000.

Take a wild guess as to how much the American taxpayers are paying for these mostly useless and unneeded bureaucrats? A whopping $55.5 BILLION each and every year.

As close as I could figure the bottom line (remember, no hard number of how many are furloughed), the total is $55,475,376,000 per annum.

And the Dims bitch about $5 billion to guard the southern border?
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