Media bias: The myth of ‘Occupied’ Israeli Territories

Midia bias? Naaaaahhhhh...
Midia bias? Naaaaahhhhh…


As the joke goes: Do you know why the terrorists didn’t hit the UN Building on 9/11? Because too many of their relatives work there. Yes, official international hatred of Israel has been around for decades. Unfortunately its ugly, terrorist-friendly head has reared itself into the West. Even worse, our allegedly free and objective press has jumped on the bandwagon.

One of the greatest myths the Western press perpetuates is that the West Bank (to include East Jerusalem), the Gaza Strip, and the Golan Heights are collectively known as “The Israeli-Occupied Territories.”

“Occupied” my big ol’ butt! In case the historically ignorant journos out there forgot, the “Occupied Territories” are results of Arab aggression. In fact, Israel gave up almost half of its land in accordance with the Camp David Accords in 1978. Remember that whole “Land for Peace” lie Jimmy Carter brokered?

But back to how the Jewish State effectively more than doubled in size in the wake of the 1967 War. Sadly, more than a few alleged journalists constantly paint a picture of the evil Jews who conquered and stole land from its peace-loving Arab neighbors, specifically, Arab land that was once the sovereign soil of Egypt, Jordan and Syria. And they ensure that the seed is planted in the Western mind by constantly using the phrase “Occupied Territories”.

Well, Israel did conquer Arab land, but not until they had acts of war perpetrated against them. Revisionist historians love blathering on how it was the evil Yahud who initiated war when they attacked Egyptian forces in Sinai. Mmmm… no.

I will admit that when the Israeli Air Force absolutely and utterly crushed Egyptian forces on June, 5, 1967, the first day of the Six Day War, in a preemptive strike against Egyptian airfields and the 100,000 Egyptians soldiers massing on the Israeli border. Yet how quickly do the same revisionists forget that it was Egyptian strongman Gamel Abdel Nasser who declared the Straits of Tiran closed to Israeli shipping on May 22, 1976. The Egyptian armed blockade on the Israeli port city of Eilat was an act of war, period, full stop, end of story.

When Israel conquered the Sinai Peninsula, it was a result of Egyptian aggression, not Israeli.

That brings us to the West Bank and the Golan Heights. It was on those fronts that the Israelis faced to combined armed might of Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon. Oh, let’s not forget that the Arab Coalition was also supported by Algeria, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Pakistan, the terrorist PLO network, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Tunisia.

But I digress, when the shooting war first broke out, it was only Israel vs. Egypt. Only after Nassar lied to both the Jordanians and the Syrians that Egyptian forces were not only winning, but the Israeli Army was being crushed. According to Nassar, it was only a matter of time before Egyptian artillery began hammering Tel Aviv.

Unfortunately for the Jordanians and Syrians, they believed Nassar’s lies. If only those counties would have ignored Nassar’s lies, the West Bank would still be Jordanian, the Golan Heights would still be Syrian. The bottom line is this – it was Israel that was attacked from the east and the north. Israel has every right to keep their spoils of war.

Even after the Jordanians opened fire first with artillery strikes, the government of Prime Minister Levi Eshkol reached out to the Jordanian king offering an olive branch, only to have it refused.

As written by Avi Shalaim in his book The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World: “On June 5, Jordan started shelling the Israeli side in Jerusalem. This could have been interpreted either as a salvo to uphold Jordanian honour or as a declaration of war. Eshkol decided to give King Hussein the benefit of the doubt. Through General Odd Bull, the Norwegian commander of UNTSO, he sent the following message the morning of June 5: ‘We shall not initiate any action whatsoever against Jordan. However, should Jordan open hostilities, we shall react with all our might, and the king will have to bear the full responsibility of the consequences.’ King Hussein told General Bull that it was too late; the die was cast.”

As Varda Epstein correctly penned regarding how the Arabs themselves by way of their own Mother Tongue verify that at least the West Bank of the Jordan River is historically land belonging to the sons of Isaac: “‘Yahud’ means ‘Jews.’ In Arabic. This too, is nothing new to me or anyone else who lives in the Middle East. But Iā€™d like to call your attention to the root meaning of the word ‘Yahud’ or as it is in singular: ‘Yahudi.’ The word is similar to the Hebrew word for Jew, which is ‘Yehudi’ or one who comes from Yehuda, also known as (wait for it) Judea.

In short, by calling Jews, ‘Yahud,’ Arabs are acknowledging the origins of the Jewish people and their geographic birthright, the territory known as ‘Judea.’ Judea, as you may know, is said by those who perpetuate the Arab narrative, to be part of the ‘West Bank.'”