Media Yawns: Trump Launches Cyber Attack Against Iran

You’ve been… thunderstruck.

In all fairness, the Western media did cover President Trump ordering a cyber attack against selected Iranian computer systems… for about 15 minutes.

While the DNC’s Ministry of Propaganda (read: CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, etc.) slammed the Commander-in-Chief for NOT launching a military strike against Iran, the same media gave scant coverage of the Trump-ordered non-lethal cyber attack in response to the Islamic Republic’s recent downing of a US Navy intel gathering drone flying in international airspace.

But just to make sure that I give a fair and objecting critique of the DNC’s MoP coverage of Trump since his election in regards of war with Iran;

  • There was non-stop hysterics that Trump was a loose cannon who would bungle his way eventually into a nuclear war.
  • On the news that Trump called-off a military strike after Iran downed said drone, the media hammered his as “indecisive” and his foreign policy as “chaotic.”
  • When Trump does mete out a non-lethal response to a non-lethal attack, the very same media basically yawned.

Yet with all that aside, as reported by London’s The Telegraph and Agence France-Presse (via Yahoo News);

The United States launched cyber attacks against Iranian missile control systems and a spy network after Tehran downed an American surveillance drone, according to US media reports.

US president Donald Trump secretly authorized US Cyber Command to carry out a retaliatory attack on Iran, The Washington Post reported Saturday, shortly after the US president pledged to hit the Islamic republic with major new sanctions.

The attack crippled computers used to control rocket and missile launches, according to the Post, while Yahoo News said a spying group responsible for tracking ships in the Gulf was also targeted.

While the effect on Iran’s military and spy organizations hasn’t been made public, we can only hope that we were as effective as Israel’s cyber attack on Iran’s nuclear program back in 2012.

As I covered the story back then, this is possibly the first time that Mossad saddled-up with the Aussie heavy metal rockers AC/DC to screw with the collect brains of nuclear scientists bent on perpetrating Islamic Jihad;

Yet one of the more curious attacks against Iran’s nuclear program was the 2012 cyber-hacking of their nuclear program’s computer systems. While it’s doubtful that among Iranian generals and/or nuclear scientists that the Australian band AC/DC has much of a following, someone took it upon themselves to rock Iran, not with explosives, but the melodic strains of Angus Young and friends.

Unidentified computer hackers managed to break into two of Iran’s nuclear sites and programmed AC/DC’s rock anthem “Thunderstruck” to play at random times – at full volume. Hitting various computer workstations, the song in question reportedly played over and over, sometimes in the middle of the night. Those who found their computers infected by the worm weren’t able to either turn off or turn the volume down one “Thunderstruck” started to play, either just once or a number of times.