Exercise in Stupidity: Meet All of the 209 (So Far) Democrats Running for President in 2020


No, your eyes are not deceiving you. You read that right… 209 Democrats will be vying for your votes in the upcoming presidential election.

But wait, there’s more. The total number of candidates who’ve filed with the federal government so far sits at a whopping 624.

Minus the 209 Democrats and the 79 other Republicans who actually think they have a snowball’s chance in Hell of unseating President Trump, there are mind-boggling 335 other individuals of every political stripe seeking 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. as their next home address.

In a rather nifty interactive website, the Federal Election Commission gives any given user the wherewithal to breakdown all of the candidates by party affiliation.

That’s right – from the American Independent Conservative Party all the way to the Communist Party, the American people can find out exactly who and who isn’t running.

Not only that, tons of financial information is also available, from cash on hand to total receipts.