Melt-Down Joe: Not a Single Staffer He Hasn’t ‘Screamed At’

Say it ain’t so, Joe.

Despite his best efforts to cultivate an “Aw, shucks. I’m just like you” persona, Obama’s Vice-President and current Democrat frontrunner very well could be showing signs that his (predictable) slide in the polls is negatively affecting the strength of his over-inflated ego.

As reported by The Daily Caller news portal, Biden’s “easy-going public image” is really nothing more than a “front to hide an explosive temper that frequently manifests itself in emotional outbursts.”

While TDC cited the reliably leftist New Yorker magazine article that focused mainly on the trials and tribulations of Creepy Joe’s son, Hunter Biden, what little the New Yorker did note of Pappy Biden’s run for the White House very well could explain his miserable performance on the recent Democrat candidate debate of just a few short days ago.

Also noted by TDC;

In a New Yorker article that focuses on the political problems that Biden’s son Hunter poses for the campaign, anonymous staff members reportedly told the magazine that they are often too “intimidated” to offer their opinions to Biden, fearing a verbal assault from the Democratic presidential front-runner.

“Everyone who works for him has been screamed at,” an unnamed former staffer told The New Yorker.

A former White House aide told the magazine, “When I asked members of Biden’s staff whether they discussed their concerns with the Vice-President, several of them said that they had been too intimidated to do so.”

Reportedly, other staffers don’t want to talk about potential communication issues because Biden’s feelings are easily bruised.

For his part, Hunter Biden has quite the checkered past. He has involved himself with some rather shady deals involving both China and the Ukraine.

The younger Biden also has his own past problems with the government of the United States. In 2014, Ensign Hunter Biden, US Navy (Reserve) was unceremoniously kicked-out of the Navy after completing only one drill weekend.

The reason? He tested positive for recent cocaine use during an official Navy urinalysis test. Prior to signing-on with the Navy Reserve as a Public Affairs officer, Hunter Biden managed to secure for himself not one, but two waivers for past drug use.