MiLB: Muslim Group ‘Demands’ it be the ‘Arbiter’ if Team Owner ‘Allowed’ to Remain Team Owner

“Buy me some halal peanuts and halal Crackerjacks…”

Who would have ever imagened that the MiLB (Minor League Baseball) Short-Season Single “A” Connecticut Tigers baseball team out of Norwich, CT, would one day be embroiled in a situation that would be described as “part of the stealth jihad against America.” But that’s exactly what’s happening.

As it turns out, the Muslim advocacy organization CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) Connecticut chaper, is demanding to be the “interlocutor” and “arbiter” in any futute talks if Tigers owner E. Miles Prentice is “allowed” to retain team ownership, as reported by the news site.

CAIR has long held questionable ties to the terrorist organizations Hamas and also the Muslim Brotherhood.

As noted by Breitbart reporter Edwin Mora (all emphasis mine);

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) “demands” to be the “arbiter” who decides if a Center for Security Policy (CSP) official is allowed to continue to own a minor league baseball team in Connecticut, Frank Gaffney revealed this week.

Gaffney, the executive chairman of the CSP think tank, convened a Facebook Live panel discussion to discuss the issue on Thursday.

The Connecticut chapter of CAIR has targeted E. Miles Prentice, the chairman of the CSP board of directors, Gaffney, a former Pentagon official under Ronald Reagan, said.

Gaffney explained on Thursday:

“Muslim Capitol Day” – 22 April, 2019, Hartford, CT

The Council on American-Islamic Relations Connecticut [CT] chapter demands that it be the interlocutor, that it be the arbiter of whether Miles Prentice is allowed to have a baseball team in Norwich, Connecticut, or not. And the price of his being able to do that has to be disassociating himself from the Center for Security Policy.

The situation of Miles Prentice is just a microcosm of what is happening to this country much more broadly. … This is part of the stealth jihad against America. Make no mistake about it, Miles is simply the latest target.

I commend him for standing up to it, and I hope that he will — with your help, that of the mayor, and the people of Norwich, Connecticut, and across this country — succeed in continuing to help fight the good fight for freedom, for our Constitution, and for the American way.

Not only was CAIR demanding to get intimately involved in Prentice’s future ownership with the team, now the (ironically nicknamed) Constitution State’s Democrats are now saddling-up with the Islamists;

In a joint statement carried by the Norwich Bulletin, Connecticut state Democrat lawmakers Sen. Cathy Osten as well as Reps. Emmet Riley and Kevin Ryan declared:

While Mr. Prentice is allowed to have his own political opinions, it is clear that the Center for Security Policy supports anti-Muslim rhetoric, something that risks the safety and security of many, especially today. We encourage Mr. Prentice and CAIR to attempt to work toward a better understanding between them.

Early this month, the Norwich Bulletin reported that Tark Aouadi, the executive director of the CAIR CT chapter, is demanding to meet with Prentice to discuss his connection to CSP.

Thankfully, at least a handful of people in New England still refuse to be pushed around and bullied;

Prentice has declined to meet with the group, telling the Associated Press (AP) in a statement:

My colleagues and I at the Center for Security Policy are more than willing to debate the content of our research and advocacy on behalf of freedom and the practice of peace through strength with Americans of differing views, but who are also committed to freedom and our Constitution.

We see no utility, however, to meeting with, or otherwise legitimizing, those who seek to silence us or are associated with terrorist organizations like Hamas.

Lobster Rolls for a day.

Interestingly enough, in a marketing ploy to sell more merch, the Connecticut Tigers recently had a one-day only name change to the New England Lobster Rolls.

Personally, I find this interesting due to Islamic dietary rules consider shellfish to be “halal” (forbidden or prohibited).

For the life of me, I can’t understand why CAIR would want anything to do with a team that glorifies eating such, what they consider, a filthy bottom-feeding creature.

Then again… maybe that’s an extenuating circumstance as to why they want to exert whatever “control” they have over this particular ballclub.